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Mission: Ecka Airfield, Yugoslavia.

Date: 8th September 1944.

Unit: 325th FG, 319th FS, 15th U.S.A.A.F.

Type: P-51C.

Serial: 42-103507.

Coded: 76

Location: Half a mile North West of Ecka Airfield, Yugoslavia.

Pilot: F/O. Thomas E. Rogers U.S.A.A.F. T-124899. Killed.


Shot down by flak during Fighter Sweep on Ecka Airfield.

Report by Harold M Wilson. Captain, Air Corps. 325th FG.

On the mission at 1000 hours we hit the target. At about 10.05 hours I went across the field following my flight leader,
Capt. Duskin, I was flying his element. When I crossed the west side of the field I observed another P-51 pull up and at
about 400-500 feet it rolled over and what appeared to be the pilot bailed out.
The P-51 came on straight down into the ground. I was on the deck and so looked forward and after going over a tree looked
back but did not see the pilot or chute. The plane went in about a half mile from the west side of the field, right over
the river.

Report by Harry G Schmaltz, 1st. Lt. Air Corps. 325th FG:

I was flying No.3 position in No. 2 flight on a strafing mission over Ecka Airdrome, Yugoslavia, on 8th Sept. F/O Rogers
was flying my wing. We flew to the east of the target and made a pass toward the west across the north end of the field.
I saw F/O Rogers behind me and to the right just after I started firing. I was hit with 20mm.Shell during my pass and
continued away from the field on a course of approximately 2800. About 6 miles from the field I looked behind and saw a
P-51 spin in from approximately 600 feet and explode on hitting the ground. I did not see a chute. I did not fly over the
crashed airplane as I had a fair sized hole in my wing and had set course for home. It is my belief that F/O Rogers was
hit by 20mm. Ground fire during the pass on the field, as he was following me and I was hit with 20mm.Fire.

(1A) FO Thomas E Rogerscc(1B) FO Thomas E Rogers
F/O Thomas E Rogers. (Vladimir Agoston/Rogers)

(2) T.Rogers aircraft remains
Reconnaissance photo of Ecka taken 8th October, one month after Thomas was shot down, the remains of his P-51 have been
circled top left. (Vladimir Agoston/Rogers)

(3) Thomas E Rogers citation
F/O. Thomas E Rogers Citation of Honour (Vladimir Agoston/Rogers)

(4) Mural to FO Thomas E Rogers
This is John Rogers family by the mural painted on the side of the VFW in Emporium, PA. of his Uncle Thomas E. Rogers (Rogers)


F/O. Thomas E Rogers U.S.A.A.F. T-124899. was taken home to the United States, he now rest in Arlington National Cemetery.

Page constructed and researched by David King A.R. Society, for relatives of F/O. Thomas E Rogers, and Vladimir Agoston.

Acknowledgments: With special thanks for research and photos to Vladimir Agoston and the family of Thomas E Rogers.

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