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The Aircrew Remembrance Society, History.
A record of the society’s activities, and its achievements over the last five decades.
Our achievements in Remembrance, Education, Preservation, Restoration, Memorial construction, and many other fields for over more than 40 years are recorded here.
The society’s roots were established through the life time work of our Chairman David King, (More
Here) and his good friend Melvin R Brownless, (More Here) who are co-founders of the society.
The society web site is run by Alexander David King, (More
Here) son of co-founder David, and a lifelong member since birth, Alex is also our curator and archivist for the society’s, “Aircraft recovered artefacts collection”, along with all other documents and items archived.
The Aims and Objectives of the Aircrew Remembrance Society.
Our Aims include a commitment to the remembrance of fallen airmen of all nations.
We also maintain a commitment to offer support and assistance to relatives, friends and loved ones searching for information, providing as much detailed information and imagery as possible relating to those lost in action or missing, in the hope of providing some form of closure to their search. Our aims are also to preserve and perpetuate their memory in the form of constructed pages of remembrance, as on line memorials, and where ever possible to support and assist in the erection of memorials at relevant crash sites and other locations.
This is combined with a commitment to record, research and preserve where ever possible, any World War II aviation history.
Our Activities over four decades include the following Historic preservation and documentation, generated through the sources listed below.
New written accounts and oral histories, relating to aircrew, aircraft and aviation.
Historic preservation and documentation, generated through
Aircraft Archaeology through Field Investigations: (Here)
Aircraft Losses: (Here)
Aircraft Preservation and Restoration: (
Airfield Archaeology: (Here)
Researching: Documentary, cartographic and photographic sources: (Here)
Archiving: Preserving and cataloguing historical material and artefacts: (Here)
Displaying: Information and artefacts for display and demonstration: (Here)
Publishing: Articles, books, records and website: (Here)
Education: (
Memorials and Remembrance: (
Support for Relatives: (Here)
Miscellaneous: (Here)
This record of our activities and achievements over the last five decades is under construction here. As we are sure you can imagine this covers thousands of individual actions and events which will take some time to construct. So please pay regular visits to this page that will be updated each week, as from May 2015, with a wide variety of historical undertakings by the society, that we are sure you will find of interest. Many records, documents, photos and recorded events, never seen before.

The British Library is preserving this site for the future in the UK Web Archive at All Aircrew Remembered on our Remembrance pages, are therefor not just remembered here, but also subsequently remembered and recorded as part of our nation’s history
and heritage at The British Library.