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1939 RAF

Please click on the links shown below. You will then be provided with all the current information that the Aircrew Remembrance Society have archived, relating to this particular loss. Compiled and researched over the last forty years from many resources, official documents, veterans accounts, crash site investigation and contributions from friends, family and loved ones. Some of the articles are well documented, but others have only brief descriptions and details. All are listed in the hope of attracting additional information to enhance the memory of these fallen airmen, thus providing detailed accounts to relatives searching for information, who in turn we hope may also be able to provide additional material. Every page presented here today on our site of remembrance is also archived by The British Library, in the memory of these boys for eternity.

The Society welcomes any details that will enable us to add details to existing pages, or to create new remembrance pages for fallen airman or veterans. If you wish to contribute photographs - documents - letters etc. that will enable us to improve or create a new remembrance page for someone special to you on this website, please use the contact page in our get in touch link, and follow the instructions. Please remember to include details to the source and contributor of any material you provide, so that all relevant acknowledgements to all contributions can be duly credited.

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R.A.F Losses 1939

September -

01.09.1939 No. 121 Eskadra Mysliwka Polish PZL.P.11c Cpt. Medwecki
Location: Krakow, Poland.

03.09.1939 No.21 (1) Eskadra Bombowa Lekka PZL P.23 Karas Kpr.pil. Obiorek
Location: Kozy, Poland

28.09.1939 No.110 Squadron Blenheim IV N6212 W/C. Cameron
Location: Kiel, Germany

29.09.1939 No. 144 Squadron Hampden I L4132 P/O. Coste
Location: Between Heligoland and Wangerooge.

29.09.1939 No. 144 Squadron Hampden I L4121 F/O. Sadler
Location: sea- Between Heligoland and Wangerooge.

30.09.1939. No. 224 Squadron. Hudson I. N7219 P/O Heaton – Nichols
Location: Sylt.

October -

30.10.1939 No 139 Squadron Blenheim IV N6234 P/O. McCracken
Location: Gross Berssen, Germany.

November -

30.11.1939 No.185 Squadron RAF Hampden I L4203 P/O Musgrave
Location: Grange Farm, Widmer End, Buckinghamshire, England.

December -

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