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Welcome To The Aircrew Remembrance Society Archives Page.
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The Aircrew Remembrance Society site is expanding at an ever increasing pace and cost. Our aim has always been to maintain an advert free site of remembrance, which we feel helps to retain the dignity that these young men we remember all deserve. As currently this cost is financed by just three of us, to enable for this to continue we are now at a stage where we need to create additional revenue, to ensure the sites future with this dignified quality, and continued expansion.

It is for this reason that we have decided to offer to our visitors the opportunity to obtain documents and photos from our vast archive collection created over the last forty years, for just a few pence per item. If just one item was purchased by each of our visitors, then all our many varied remembrance activities, such as assisting relatives in their search for details of loved ones, erecting memorials at crash site locations, crash site investigations, along with the constant development of the site with its on going pages of remembrance, could all be increased ten fold!

We therefore hope there will be something of interest here for everyone.

This however will take time, so please come back again as uploading the many thousands of items we have will be ongoing, eventually producing a vast and varied affordable, obtainable data base.

We thank you for your support for our site of Remembrance."
David King

R.A.F. and Allied Archives

R.A.F. and Allied Photograph Archives

Luftwaffe and Axis Archives

Luftwaffe and Axis Archives CD Files

Luftwaffe and Axis Photograph Archives


The British Library is preserving this site for the future in the UK Web Archive at All Aircrew Remembered on our Remembrance pages, are therefor not just remembered here, but also subsequently remembered and recorded as part of our nation’s history
and heritage at The British Library.