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U.S.A.A.F. LOSSES 1943

January 1943 14.01.1943 71st Squadron P-38 Lt. Meyer Location: Mezzouna, Tunisia July 1943 24.07.1943 13PS/7PRG P-38F5-A3  42-12781  Capt O' Bannon Location: Home Farm, Hatton, Warwickshire
August 1943 17.08.1943 418th Bomber Squadron B-17F 42-30063 Capt. Knox Location: Near Kelmis West of Aachen  Belgium
November 1943 03.11.1943 334th Fighter Squadron P-47D 42-7924 F/O. Frank D. Gallion (Updated 01.11.2012)
Location: Wieringervlaak-Ijsselmeer  The Netherlands

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