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Squadron Leader, Harold Guy Austin (C8027) M.I.D. (Mention in Dispatches)

Station Marham, Award effective 1
st June 1943.
(London Gazette dated 2
nd June 1943 and AFRO 1247/43 dated 2nd July 1943)

Harold who was known as Guy, was born in Calgary on the 2
nd November 1912, he grew up there and on leaving school worked as an agent correspondent for The Calgary Herald.
He enlisted in the R.C.A.F. in Calgary on the 3
rd of October 1941.
Commissioned the same day and posted to No.2 A.N.S., Penfold Ridge, 14
th October 1941 for training in flying control.
Posted to “Y” Depot, Halifax, 12
th November 1941.
Posted overseas, 13
th November 1941.
Posted to R.A.F. Station Marham, 15
th December 1941.
(Promoted to Flying Officer, 3
rd of April 1942.)
Posted to No.50 Group Pool, 17
th of April 1942
(Engaged in Flying Control duties since at least the 17
th May 1942.)
Posted to R.A.F. Station Marham, 18
th of August 1942.
Posted to R.A.F. Station Mildenhall, 27
th of March 1943.
Posted to R.A.F, Station Topcliffe, 20
th of May 1943.
(Promoted to Flight Lieutenant, 1
st June, 1943.)
Posted to R.A.F. Station Linton, 18
th 1943.
Posted to No.62 Base Headquarters, 9
th of October 1943.
(Promoted to Squadron Leader, 9
th October 1943.)
Repatriated to Canada 27
th November 1944.
On strength at R.C.A.F. Station Edmonton from 12
th of January, 1945.
Posted to No.1 Radio Navigation School, R.C.A.F. Summerside, 22
nd April 1945.
Released from service, 25
th October 1945.

Although no recommendation or citation has been found, the following assessment indicates his value to units about the time of the award:

17th January 1943, G/C A McKee (Station Marham) - “I consider this officer to be an outstanding Air Control Officer. Well deserving of promotion.”

Statement from G/C. J.L.Hurley on 15th July 1944 when Austion was at Tholthorpe.

An outstanding Flying Control Officer. Continuously alive to his responsibilities and always devising methods to improve Flying Control. (Air Force Association of Canada)

pl 22318 crew 51
American pilot F/O Dennis Brest and Crew 51. L to R F/O Dennis Best, P/O Michael Gnius, Sgt Harry Hill,
(S/Ldr Guy Austin.) Sgt. Jack Morgan.

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