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Mission: Night Flying Exercise.

Date: 27th April 1944

Time: 04.30 hours.

Unit: No.18 (Pilots) Advanced Flying Unit.

Type: Airspeed Oxford I

Serial No. LX196

Code: ?

Base: Church Lawford.

Location: Frankton, near Rugby, Warwickshire, England.

Pilot: F/O Gregor Stephen Moore J/36980 R.C.A.F. Age 21. Killed


In the early hours of the morning of 27th April 1944 Flying Officer Moore was carrying out a night flying detail from Church Lawford airfield. He was on the downwards leg in Oxford LX196 and had just selected undercarriage down when attacked by a Me 410 piloted by Leutnant Wolfgang Wenning of II./KG51.

The intruder had joined the Church Lawford circuit with the object of shooting down the four Oxfords in it at that time. The cannon and machine gun fire ripped through the wooden aircraft which broke up in mid air. The Me 410 collided with the wreckage of the Oxford and both aircraft crashed to the ground close to the village of Frankton. All occupants onboard were killed.

It is believed locally that F/O. Moore’s last action was to deliberately ram the Me 410 but the truth will never be known. The starboard engine of the Oxford was said to have fallen through the roof of a barn and various other pieces fell in adjoining gardens and fields. The Me 410 was said to have crashed in an open field approx. 400 yards away from the main wreckage.

The Dartford (East Hill) Cemetery records say that Gregor Moore of 67 Spring Vale, Dartford, was buried on 4th May 1944. The grave has a stone flower holder with a tribute to the courage of F/O. Moore from the villagers of Frankton. The service was conducted by Rev A J D Llewellyn, Methodist Minister, Dartford.

(1) Moore Portraitcc(2) moore
F/O Gregor Stephen Moore. (Courtesy Jeanne Boyle)


(3) Wenning Me410  9K+ZP
Lt. Wenning - Me410 9K+ZP (Courtesy of artist Matthew Laird via Mike Harrison)
The German pilot, Lt. Wenning and Fw. Gustav Delp (air gunner) are buried at the German War graves Cemetery, Cannock Chase, Staffordshire.

Burial detail:

F/O. Gregor Stephen Moore. Dartford (East Hill) Cemetery. Sec. A. Grave 1766 Son of Albert E. Moore and Flora Moore, of Penticton, British Columbia, Canada

Researched by Mike Harrison for Aircrew Remembrance Society. Grave of F/O. Moore (Courtesy of Philip Taylor). Any further information would be gratefully received and passed onto Mike.
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