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Daughter pays emotional visit to crash site of father's aircraft 20th September 2008


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On the 20th September 2008 a small plaque and cross was erected by The Aircrew Remembrance Society, in memory of the crew of B25 Mitchell FL193. In a short but moving ceremony the cross was unveiled by the daughter of one of the crew, Trish Masters. Trish in the company of her daughter Karina were there to remember father and grandfather, Sgt. Eric Bailey and his three comrades, killed at the site on the 21st September 1943, the event of the ceremony therefore taking place on the eve of the 65th anniversary of the crash. Pictures show Trish at the unveiling.

After the cross was unveiled Trish was presented with a framed plaque of her father by David King, which also contained a relic from his aircraft,
a •50 ammunition case recovered from the site. A further plaque was also presented to Eric Bailey's granddaughter, Karina.

Flowers left at the base of the memorial by Trish.

The national flags of Canada and Australia drift on the breeze in memory of the four fallen airmen.

F/O J Ledgerwood. (Pilot) R.A.A.F. P/O A G Olson. (Nav) R.C.A.F. Flt/Sgt. E G Bailey (A/G) R.A.A.F. Sgt. M J Tymms (A/G) R.A.A.F.
Also present at the site for ARS were, Melvin Brownless and Alexander King who filmed the occasion.
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