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New Memorial erected in Belgium for Wellington crew lost in 1944

The Aircrew Remembrance Society wish to thank Jean Michel Dominique and Pierre Vandervelden for attending the memorial ceremony and also for sending us the many photographs (See also 1941 "field" loss) We are proud that they work closely with us. Jean and Pierre run the inmemories website whose link can be found on our "links page section.

The Mayor Mr. Jean-Francois Gatelier shown left giving his introduction speech. Mrs Moira Dryborough (Canada) and councillor Mr. Francois Ducarme at the naming of the "Impasse Wellington" (The track to their rear) shown on this picture below.

moira-drybrough  David Mole
UK representative, Mr. David Mole, after laying a wreath. David is the son of F/O Douglas John Mole, RAFVR, of 10 Sq, whose Hallie crashed at Taillette (08 - French Ardennes) on 18 December 1944.

Below from L to R:  Mr. René Dubray, ex-RAF, RAFA Belgium member and the man behind the erection of the memorial; Mrs. Camille Malcotte, President of the RAFA Belgium's Florennes branch; Mrs. Moira Drybrough, of Toronto, a relative of F/S Thomas Duxbury RCAF, a WOp/AG in the doomed bomber


memorial  memorial2.jpg

memorial3  memorial4  memorial5
A superb memorial designed by by Mrs. Hélène Baily, a local artist

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