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Mission: Attack into the plan square WM60

Date:14th January 1944

Unit:II Gruppe. / Jagdgeschwader 54

Type:Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6


Coded: 3 + (Black)

Location: Plan Quadrant 9775

Pilot: Unteroffizier. Eberhard Wollmann. Born 16.04.1920 - Missing.

Report of Oblt. Paul Rudolf Deterra on the 16.01.44.

On the 14th January 1944 I started at 08.35 hours from Idriza as Schwarm Leader with Uffz. Wollmann and two other pilots on a combat sortie. In the designated patrol area, we came into contact with eight Ilushin Il-2 with an escort of six Lagg-3, flying at only 100 metres above enemy territory. Combat ensued with the enemy aircraft and Uffz Wollmann was seen to be engaged with the Lagg-3's when I noticed a white glycol stream coming from his engine. I immediately reported this problem to him, Uffz Wollmann confirmed and flew on a northerly course out of the combat area. Due to being occupied with the air battle and poor visibility due to cloud Uffz. Wollmann's flight could not be followed by me or the second Rotte. It is presumed that Uffz. Wollmann made a forced landing.


During the 1990's the aircraft of Uffz Wollmann was recovered from its resting place in Russia and was purchased by Mr Jim Pearce of Sussex, England. The fate of the remains of the pilot is unknown.

(2) Cockpit  Me 109 Uffz Wollmann recovered from Russia

(3) Canopy  Me 109 Uffz Wollmann recovered from Russia
The remains of the cockpit of Uffz. Wollmann's Bf 109G-6 after arrival in the UK. (Brownless)

(4) DB engine Me 109 Uffz Wollmann recovered from Russia
The DB605 engine in quite remarkable condition.

Burial detail: Not known.

Research & photographs by Melvin Brownless January 2009.