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Mission: Attack on Portsmouth, England.

Date: 16th May 1944

Unit: 7 Staffel./Kampfgeschwader 54

Type: Junkers Ju 88A-4


Coded: B3 + AR

Location: English Channel.

Pilot: Unteroffizier. Bruno Lehrmann 67184/377 - Missing. Born 07.02.1921 in Bischofsburg/Ostpr.

Observer: Gefreiter. Helmut Stolte 67184/419 - Missing. Born 17.02.1923 in Essen.

Radio/Op: Obergegreiter. Werner Ploeger 67184/380 - Missing. Born 22.12.1920 in Arnsberg/Westf.

Gunner: Fhj/Feldwebel. Theo Maar 73551/240 - Missing. Born 12.08.1920 in Moenchroeden/Coburg.


Failed to return from mission. Cause unknown.

It was tragically Theo Maar's first operation with this crew, Theo was previously attached to a Wekusta unit as a Meteorologist. Theo left a young wife Lieselotte and baby Angelika. We are pleased to announce that this baby, who barely new her father recently contacted us here at the "Aircrew Remembrance Society" in the hope we would contstruct a page of remembrance for her father and his last crew, whom sadly are still listed as missing in action.

Angelika kindly provided the following details regarding her father;

Theo's father Arthur Maar was a carpenter by trade and owned a rather large business which included building houses and furniture. During Theo's lifetime his family were very well known and respected in Moenchroeden and surrounding area. My father's hobbies included playing the guitar (I dont know how well), loved flying and sailing and smoked a pipe. His other great interest was Meteorology! Up until 1939 he studied at Berlin university. Whilst studying Theo met his wife to be Lieselotte. They married in a small chapel near Moenchroeden. After graduation, with a Meteorology diploma in hand my father joined the Luftwaffe and joined a Wekusta (Weather) unit. In 1944 was transferred to a bomber unit still actively attacking England in retalliation for attacks made

on German cities. Sadly on the the 16th May 1944 Theo Maar and his crew failed to return from a flight to England, It was Theo's first operational sortie against the enemy.

Theo Maar 1cc Lieselotte  Maar 2
In the Luftwaffe – Theo Maar (Brooks)
ccccccccccccccc Theo’s wife Lieselotte Maar (Brooks)

Theo Maar 3

Theo Maar 4ccTheo Maar 5
ccccccccTheo in flight gear (Brooks) cccccccccccccccccccTheo out walking with baby Angelika in pram (Brooks)

Theo Maar 6
Theo at home during "Home Leave" with baby Angelika (Brooks)

7 the last sunset over the sea

Burial detail: None – Lost at sea.

Researched and compiled by Mike Croft & Melvin Brownless with special thanks to Angelika Brooks in memory of her father Theo Maar and his crew. Updated August 2013.