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Mission: Attack on London, England.

Date: 14/15th March 1944

Time: 23.05 hours.

Unit: 6 Staffel./Kampfgeschwader 30

Type: Junkers Ju 88A-14


Code: 4D + FP

Location: Blackbrook, near Dorking, Surrey, England.

Pilot. Unteroffizier Gerhard Straube 214890/69 – Killed. Born 02.07.1922 in Weissenfels.

Observer: Unteroffizier Alfred Schiffmann 214890/70 – Killed. Born 14.05.1922 in Hergensweiler Bez.Lindau.

Radio/Op. Unteroffizier. Hans Sing. 214890/71 – Killed. Born 01.08.1920 in Schorndorf.

Gunner. Gefreiter Heinz Wende. 214890/72 – Killed. Born 26.04.1924 in Maibach/schles.

1 Ju 88 profile
A fine profile of Gerhard Straube’s Ju 88 by Maciej Noszczak 2013 (Noszczak)


Dorking, Surrey: After cannon fire had been heard in the air this aircraft was seen to be on fire, after a while it dived into the ground at a steep angle and was completely wrecked. Some H.E. and incendiary bombs were jettisoned in the neighbourhood shortly before the aircraft was seen to crash. These were estimated to be four 250 kg. and four of 50 kg; one of the latter was a phosphorus bomb. The crew were blown to bits and only one member could be identified from his Ausweis. This aircraft was shot down by RAF Mosquito night fighter of No. 96 Squadron. F/L. Head and F/O. Andrews.

Letter from Mrs Landsdowne from Dorking to Mr. Mike Croft regarding the crash:

"At that time I lived at Blackbrook, and the aircraft was shot down right opposite my house which brought tiles off the roof. It landed in the trees and was in ruins, pieces of the craft were found a long way from where it landed. All the airmen were killed, but at the time, police etc were not sure, and a great search went on, in case a German had escaped. It was a gory site as parts of bodies were caught up in the trees. Their remains were buried in Dorking Cemetery. Normally Blackbrook was quite a quiet place, but on the day following the crash, crowds of people came out to see where & what had happend. It was an almighty crash when it was shot down and I can assure you I was very worried at the time, it was evening & dark, and couldn't see if it was "one of ours" or "theirs". I cannot tell you much more, we were too frightened to go out......."

6 engine cleaning
Note: Major recovery of this aircraft in 1992 by Melvin Brownless & Mike Croft of the Booker Aircraft Museum.
Under carriage oleo, Jumo 211 motor & hub, maps etc.

2 Uffz Gerhard Straub 14.03.44cc3 Hans Sing
Gerhard Straube (Brownless)
cccccccccccccccc ccccccccccccccccHans Sing (Croft)cccc

4 Heinz Wendecc5 Wende citation
ccccccccccccccccccHeinz Wende (Croft) ccccccccccccccccccccHeinz Wende’s EKII citation found at the crash site in 1992.ccccccc

Burial details: Deutsche Soldatenfriedhof Cannock Chase, Staffs. Block 9. Grave 33.

7 Grave Gerhard Straube
There was one other crew member buried at Dorking with Straube
but sadly he was unidentifiable out of the remaining three crew!

Researched and compiled by Melvin Brownless & Mike Croft (1992). Updated July 2014.