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Mission: Night attack on London, England.

Date: 22/23rd February 1944

Time: 00.45 hours.

Unit: 16 Staffel./Kampfgeschwader 2

Type: Messerschmitt Me 410A

Werke/Nr. Unknown.

Code: Unknown.

Location: Andridge Farm, Radnage near High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England.

Pilot: Leutnant. Felix Mueller. – Killed Born 03.10.1909 in Boehlitz-Ehrenberg.

Radio/Op: Gefreiter. Karl-Heinz Borowski. – Killed. Born 25.11.1924 in Wilhelmshaven.

1 RAF Gaydon 1969 Me 410
Messerschmitt Me 410 similar to that crashed at Radnage. This a/c pictured at R.A.F. Gaydon, 1969 (net)


Slough, Site SM7 (Anti-Aircraft) engagement with Me 410 at 11,800 feet, 42 rounds of 3.7 in ammunition fired. Enemy aircraft banked sharply, jettisoned bombs & flares near by and flew on in the direction of High Wycombe.

A.I.(k) Report states that the aircraft was observed approaching from the North at a low altitude. The engines were heard to rev up, and the aircraft suddenly dived into the ground and caught fire. There was no explosion, but the wreckage was spread over a wide area. The remains of the two members of the crew were found in neighbouring fields. Feldpost Nr. 52371 = KG2, 16 Staffel & KG51, 6 Staffel.

2 B.A.M. Digs 020
Crash site location marked with X (Brownless)

This aircraft was recovered by the Chiltern Historical Aircraft Preservation Group during 1971. One Daimler Benz DB601 engine, propeller blade and other parts un-earthed. DB601 now in private collection. NOTE: Photos of this excavation will appear in our archaeology section very shortly.

3 B.A.M. Digs
Excavation by the CHAPG at Radnage during October/November 1971 -
This MG 131 barbette mounted gun was destroyed by the police (King).

ME410 6KG2
The DB603 deeply embedded with chalk at point of recovery from its resting place in the Chilton hill side.

23 years missing following its theft from Booker, the engine photographed in July 2017.

A Bundesarchiv photo showing the MG131 installation in the Me 210, forerunner of the Me 410 (BA)

Burial details:

5 Grave Mueller & Borowski
This crew are all laid to rest in the Deutsche Soldatenfriedhof Cannock Chase, Staffs.

Felix Mueller Block 5, Row 18, Grave 422

Karl-Heinz Borowski Block 5, Row 18, Grave 421.

Researched and compiled by Melvin Brownless, thanks to David King for his contribution from his archive concerning CHAPG. Updated July 2014