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Mission: Anti-shipping.

Date: 14th June 1944

Unit: 1 Staffel./Kampfgeschwader 54

Type: Junkers Ju 88A-4


Coded: B3 + JH

Location: Orne River, France.

Pilot: Unteroffizier. Walter Elsner - Missing.

Observer: Unteroffizier. August Gill - Missing.

Radio/Op: Unteroffizier. Wilhelm Poppen - Missing.

Gunner: Feldwebel. Bruno Klos - Missing.


On the night of the 13/14th June began the V1 "Doodle bug" offensive on London. This crew were ordered to attack shipping at the mouth of the Orne River using SD500 bombs.The aircraft failed to return from the operation - cause unknown.

Willi Poppen
Willi Poppen - Missing in action (Mike Matthe).

Researched by Melvin Brownless,with thanks to Mike in Belgium for allowing us to use his photo of Willi Poppen from his personal collection. February 2012