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Mission: None.

Date: 25th May 1944

Unit: 2 Staffel./Schnellkampfgeschwader 10

Location: Chievres Airfield, Belgium.

Pilot: Feldwebel. Heinz Cordsen 68679/11 – Killed. Born 07.05.1920 in Kiel.


This pilot of the 2nd Staffel was killed during a bombing attack on the airfield of Chievres.

Uffz. Heinz Cordsen
Heinz Cordsen pictured as Uffz in his dress uniform (Brownless)

Letter from Oblt. Richter to the father of Heinz dated 30.05.1944. Oblt. Richter Bruessel,Belgium.

Dear Mr. Cordsen,

I am Squadron leader of 2nd Squadron, and have the sad duty to inform you, that your son and our comrade Feldwebel Heinz Cordsen was killed during an aerial attack on the airfield Chievres. The squadron lost with your son, the eldest pilot, a beloved and always helpful comrade.

Feldwebel Heinz Cordsen has proved his value and courage during many missions against the British Isles. He will forever be in remembrance in our squadron. We have buried our comrade on the cemetery of heroes in Mons.

Maybe the thought, that your son gave his life for his homeland and his nation, will be a small comfort in your mourning

Kind regards to you and your family

Oblt. Richter


Burial detail: Originally buried at Mons, now rests at the Kriegsgräberstätte in Lommel, Belgium. Block 56 Grab 466

Researched and compiled by Melvin Brownless, August 2013.