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Mission: Defence of the Reich, Germany.

Date: 25
th November 1944

Unit: 3 Staffel./Jagdgeschwader 4

Type: Messerschmitt Bf 109G-14

Werk Nr.460384

Coded: 2 + (Yellow).

Location: Soellingen, near Rastatt, Germany.

Pilot: Oberfaehnrich. Horst Jaekel. 59741/569 – Baled out wounded. Born 12.05.1924 in Berlin.


This aircraft was shot down in combat, Ofhr. Jaekel succeeded in baling out of his stricken machine. On landing was taken to the hospital at Rastatt. It is believed that Horst was the victim of Captain Robert D. Johnston, 81FS, 50FG.

Horst Jaekel reports the following;

As a result of the failure of my gun sighting system (REVI) all of my bursts missed their target. Therefore I approached the Thunderbolt closer; it had to work then, but my machine guns and cannons failed. I almost flew past the aircraft. By slipping and with assistance of my landing flaps I was able to maintain the same height and shortly thereafter flew besides him at a distance of 30 meters. I did not overshoot him (Thunderbolt) as reported. I was finally able to get behind him again, but again my weapons failed as before. My aircraft stalled due to the turbulence caused by the propeller and being so close to the enemy aircraft. I immediately used Methanol injection to climb away.

Now I entered the target area of three other Thunderbolts. My wings and cockpit were holed. My right foot received a very heavy impact. Smoke and flames, …parachute jump! The free fall from 3000 meters height was not frightful. It was my own aircraft that caused me problems. It circled and threatened to strike me. At an altitude of only 200/150 meters height I opened my parachute. I landed in a flooded area next to the River Rhein and swam to a Aspen tree once I freed myself from the parachute. After a long wait I was eventually rescued by our Infantry (Landser) in a rubber boat. They brought me to a farmer at a place where horses are cared for in the village of Sollingen. There I was able to warm myself in a bed and that evening was driven to a medical clinic in Rastatt. One round had gone through my right foot and shattered the bone.

1 Jaekel FF Scheinccc2 Jaekel 1
Pilots licence dated 19
th August 1943 Horst Jaekel via(Jeckel)

3 Jaekel 82

4 Jaekel 80

5 Jeckel_Jaekel_Kott_Sauer
L to R; Horst Jeckel, (Pilot) Horst Jaekel (Pilot) Gerhard Kott and Eckhard Sauer (Jeckel).

Researched and compiled by Melvin Brownless with special thanks to our friends in Germany Horst Jeckel, not forgetting Horst Jaekel. May 2013