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Mission: Attack on Edinburgh, Scotland.

Date: 24/25th March 1943

Time: 00.30 hours

Unit: 5 Staffel./Kampfgeschwader 6

Type: Junkers Ju 88A-14


Code: 3E + MN

Location: 4 miles E of Earlston, SE of Lauder, Berwickshire, Scotland.

Pilot: Oberleutnant. Paul Rogge. 73045/195 Killed. (Born 05.01.1911 in Loetzen).

Observer: Unteroffizier. Ernst Glueck. 73045/190 Killed. (Born 20.07.1920 in Geislingen).

Radio/Op: Unteroffizier. Karl Brinkmann. 73045/191 Killed. (Born 14.09.1921 in Holzhausen).

Gunner: Gefreiter. Werner Walter. 73045/197 Killed. (Born 12.10.1922 in Rathenow).


This aircraft was originally reported to have crashed due to unknown circumstances at 00.30 hours, all four aircrew were killed.

A.I.(g) Report No. 7/70 dated 28.03.43 states the following:

This aircraft crashed at 0030 hours on 25.03.43 at Earlston near Melrose, Berwickshire. Map Ref: U.0756. The cause of the crash is obscure.

The aircraft was heard flying fairly low and three witnesses stated that firing in the air was heard. It crashed and is almost entirely destroyed or buried, the crew being killed. There are no reports of an interception in this area at the time of the crash. No bullet strikes can be found in the wreckage. Identification markings; 3E + M (red), the works number is 4550.

Engines; Jumo 211, these were buried but wooden propellers were traced. Armament; Appears to be normal for this sub-series of aircraft and included a 20 mm Oerlikon gun. Various equipment; Dive brakes were fitted and remains of a BZA 1 bombsight were located. There was evidence of a wireless FuG 10 but no opinion can be given as to whether a radio altimeter was carried or not. A Kutonase cable cutter of built in type was traced. It would appear from the wreckage examined that this aircraft was quite new.

Signed, C. C. Wheeler S/Ldr.

In fact we believe this aircraft was attacked with a 3 second burst from a Beaufighter (X8679) night fighter of No. 409 R.C.A.F. Squadron based at Akcrington. The crew, S/L George Elms R.C.A.F. and F/O J. D. Hore-Kennard claimed one Ju 88 damaged, later confirmed as destroyed.

th October 2014

Dear Melvin,

Wow! This is incredible! I did not expect to get these documents.   Thank you very much! I started about 6 years ago doing research about my grandfather Paul Rogge. Luckily some documents of that time are in the family.   In the fall of 2012, I then visited with my mother (72) since the first time my grandfather's grave in Cannock Chase. It was a moving experience for us ... If there are other documents or photos, I would be very interested. I send you annexed some of the documents that I own. Moreover, even photos of the other crew members. These are certainly very interesting for you. I would be very interested to know whether   there is evidence at the crash site in Scotland. There I could not travel so far, unfortunately. Nice that we are now in contact. That brings me more valuable information for my research and it brings you new information on your website :-) Thanks for the great website that you are running, thus documenting the events of that time. This is very valuable for the descendants. I'm curious what my mother says to the information. She will not believe it! Please excuse if I make a mistake while writing, I'm not so good in English.

Kind regards,
Henning Hiestermann.

(1) Henning's family
Henning Hiestermann pictured with his family, Henning wanted to remember his grandfather and his crew. (Hiestermann)

(2) Paul Roggecc(3) Wedding  14.10.1939
cccccccccccccccPilot; Paul “Peter” Rogge (Hiestermann) cccccccccccccccccccPaul on his wedding day 14.10.1939 (Hiestermann)cccc

(4) Family of Paul Rogge, Siegrun, Irmtrud and his wife Gusti Rogge
The wife and children Paul left behind, Siegrun, Irmtrud and his wife Gusti Rogge (Hiestermann)

(5) Ernst Glueckcc(6) Karl Brinkmann
cccccObserver; Ernst Glueck (Hiestermann) ccccccccccccccccccccccccccc Radio/Op; Karl Brinkmann (Hiestermann)

(7) Werner Waltercc(8) Werner Walter (2)
Gunner; Werner Walter (Hall)
ccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc Werner Walter (Hiestermann)

(9) Wallet and Coins
Poignant personal belongings of the pilot Paul Rogge which were sent back to his wife Gusti (Hiestermann)

Deutsches Rotes Kreuz 18.5.43

Subject : Oblt. Paul Rogge

Reference : Letter of 29.4.43


Gusti Rogge

Celle i/H Artelstr. 1

The German Red Cross get now from England, via the International Committee of the Red Cross Geneva, the message that your husband the Oblt. Paul Rogge has been buried on 29.3.43.

Experience has shown that it will take 8-10 months before the British give the location of the grave situation known. You will receive notification when the message has arrived.

The following estate is reported as recovered. It is not clear to whom it belongs. Besides her husband, the bodies of Uffz. Glück and Uff. Brinkmann are yet been recovered and buried.

1/ photos, purse, containing keys, German coins 0,10 RM, French coins 5,00 FR, Dutch coins 0,95 guilders.

2/ brown wallet, containing photos and french coins 2530,00 FR (very torn banknotes)

3/ black wallet, containing identification card to the Postbank passbook Nr.5.093.352 and french coins 105,00 FR

This estate will be provided by the British after a longer period or after the war to the High Command of the Wehrmacht, Wehrmacht Information Office Berlin W.30 Hohenstaufenstr. 47/48.

It can be requested from there.

(10) Baby Irmtrud
Amazing that this photo of baby Irmtud pictured at eight weeks old survived the crash.
This very poignant reminder of this tragic loss was found in the tunic pocket of Paul Rogge.
All items were returned to Germany via the German Red Cross. (Hiestermann)

(11) Irmtrud, Henning's mother
The little baby in the previous photograph, Irmtud now aged 72 (Hiestermann)

Burial details: Deutsche Soldatenfriedhof Cannock Chase, Staffs. England.

Oblt Paul Rogge Block 4 Row 9 Grave 124

Uffz Ernst Glueck Block 4 Row 9 Grave 123

Uffz Karl Brinkmann Block 4 Row 9 Grave 125

Gefr. Werner Walter burial details not found, not in Cannock Chase register.

(12) My mother and my brother on Cannock Chase
Henning’s brother and mother Irmtud visit the grave of her father (Hiestermann)

(13) Graves
The graves at Cannock Chase Cemetery (Hiestermann)

(14) Grave 2

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