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Mission: Attack on London, England.

Date: 2nd December 1943

Unit: 2 Staffel./Kampfgeschwader 6

Type: Junkers Ju 188A

Werke Nr.260199

Coded: 3E + DK

Location: In the sea, 1-2 miles off South Foreland, NE of Dover, Kent.

Pilot: Feldwebel. Johann Schwarz. 55511/212 - POW. Born 23.12.1920.

Observer: Gefreiter. Erich Schulze. 55511/213 - POW. Born 05.08.1923.

Radio/Op: Unteroffizier. Alois Wenzel. 55511/214 - Missing. Born 1918.

Gunner: Gefreiter. Herbert Simon. 55511/215 - POW. Born 07.08.1922.


This aircraft was shot down by AA fire during operation to London. Three of the crew successfully baled out but sadly Alois Wenzel went down with the aircraft and is still listed as missing in action.

LAST FLIGHT: Extract from A.D.I.(k) Report No.519/1943

On the morning of the 2nd December some 20 crews of I./KG6, of which 5 were from the 2nd Staffel, were hurriedly called for a briefing by the Gruppen Kommandeur, Major Fuhrhop. It was explained that advantage was to be taken of condiions of heavy cloud over England at that time to stage a nuisance attack on the East End of London. The choice of objectives was to be left to the crews, bu as far as possible industrial targets were to be selected.

The 3E + DK took off as third aircraft just after 0900 hours. The crew, who were on their first operation, flew WSW from Chievres at a height of about 400 feet and struck the Channel coast near Le Touquet. After following the French coast as far as Dieppe, they headed for London and, flying on a zigzag course, climbed steadily to cross the English coast at a height of about 13,000 feet. Whilst flying at this height in 10/10ths cloud they were subjected to AA fire for some ten minutes, during which the pilot took violent evasive action. Eventually an explosion occurred, and the crew found themselves falling through the air together with pieces of wreckage. The survivors came down in the sea, and after they had been picked up they were considerably surprised to find themselves in the Dover area - well off their course.

Alois Wenzel MIA
MISSING - Unteroffizier. Alois Wenzel (Hall/Brownless)

Researched by Melvin Brownless, with thanks to Steven Hall. December 2013.