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Mission: Attack on Worthing, Sussex, England.

Date: 1
st November 1943

Time: 18.28 hours.

Unit: Erprobungsstaffel./Kampfgeschwader 6

Type: Junkers Ju 188E-1


Coded: 3E + AF

Location: Walbury Hill, Combe, SW of Newbury, Berkshire, England.

Pilot: Oberleutnant. Helmut Schmid. 73555/30 – Killed. Born 19.04.1915.

Observer: Oberfeldwebel. Bruno Krupp. L51559/22 – Killed. Born 19.04.1917.

Radio/Op: Stabsfeldwebel. Erich Zuch. 62539/125 – Killed. Born 13.10.1907.

Gunner: Unteroffizier. Josef Koidl. 55511/264 – Killed. Born 20.04.1920.


This aircraft was attacked and shot down by F/Lt S. F. Hodsman and W/O A. F. Monger in a Mosquito XII of No.29 Squadron. Aircraft was attacked at 10,000 and 2,000 feet respectively.

Extract from F/Lt Hodson’s combat report;

The E/A was seen to be flying straight and level at about 270 T.A.S. The Mosquito climbed to 1,000 feet below E/A and 3,000 feet behind before being spotted. The E/A then opened fire which came close over the top of Mosquito and then immediately dived steeply, weaving violently, with the Mosquito on his tail closing in gradually. The Tit was pulled but did not operate and Mosquito fired 4 or 5 short bursts closing from about 3,000 feet, till the final burst at about 1,000 feet. Height had been lost down to Angels 2. Strikes were seen on the wing outboard of the port engine and a large red flash between fuselage and starboard engine. There were 4 or 5 bursts of return fire probably from the dorsal position, accurate for line, but above Mosquito. After the final burst, E/A had reached cloud at 2,000 feet and disappeared suddenly. No further contact obtained.

Meanwhile on the ground, several eye-witnesses, including Mr. Ernest Webb at Bricklayers Farm, Mr. Henry Brown, a tractor driver of West Field Cottages, West Woodhay, and a gardener Mr. Albert Walls, saw the stricken bomber emerge from cloud, clearly in difficulties, and strike Walbury Hill about 100 feet from the summit.

(1) Walbury Hill
The view of Walbury Hill, (Net)

(2) Sepp Koidlcc(3) 01.11.43 Uffz.Koidl Ju 188A Wnr.10007 KG6
The gunner of the ill-fated Ju 188 Josef Koidl – Josef’s last resting place at Brookwood (King)

(4) 01.11.43 Ofw. Krupp Ju 188A Wnr.10007 KG6cc(5) 01.11.43 Stfw. Zuch & Oblt. Schmidt Ju 188A Wnr.10007 KG6

Burial detail: This crew all rest in the Brookwood Military Cemetery, Woking, Surrey.

Researched and compiled by Melvin Brownless with thanks to David King, December 2013.