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Mission: Defence of the Reich.

Date: 1st September 1943

Unit: 5 Staffel./Nachtjagdgeschwader 1

Type: Messerschmitt Bf 110G-4

Werke Nr.5364

Coded: G9 + AN

Location: Between Jütchendorf and Beuthen, Germany.

Pilot: Hauptmann. Wilhelm Telge. (Staffelführer) 208297/1 - Killed. Born 11.03.1918 in Braunschweig.

Observer:? Oberleutnant. Freimann – Bailed out injured.

Radio/Op: Feldwebel. Walter Telsing - Bailed out (possibly injured).


During a close night interception Telge's aircraft rammed an enemy four-engined bomber which crashed SW of Berlin. The starboard side of Telge's aircraft was seriously damaged in the collision. Oblt. Freymann and Fw. Telsing managed to bail-out of the stricken machine before it hit the ground. Wilhelm Telge's body was found in the wreck of his aircraft. Wilhelm Telge was laid to rest in the Gemeindefriedhof Badeleben, Germany.

Foto Niemann Badeleben (1)
Gemeindefriedhof Badeleben via Niemann

Foto Niemann Badeleben (2)cccWilhelm Telge
Wilhelm’s grave situated between his parents via Niemann. Wilhelm Telge via Hall

Researched by Melvin Brownless and Steve Hall with special thanks to Jörg Helbig and Herr Niemann for their help in constructing this page of remembrance. July 2013