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Mission: Reconnaissance - Lyme Bay, Dorset, England.

Date: 28
th October 1942

Unit: 1 Staffel./Fernaufklärungsgruppe 123

Type: Messerschmitt Bf 109F-4


Coded: 5 + (White)

Location: Believed crashed into the sea off Cherbourg, France.

Pilot: Unteroffizier. Helmut Kohl. 69004/265 – Missing. Born 02.06.1920 in Koeln/Deutz.


Extract from the War diary of Willi Quante, 4./(F)123

Again fate decreed that one of our comrades would not return. Uffz. Kohl had waited for a week to fly his first combat mission. Today a fliers-fate caught up with him. For a long time he was at the fighter pilot’s school. His wish was to show the enemy his “Iron fist”. Shortly after takeoff he pushed his aircraft to close to the mirror-flat ocean….it cost him his life. The search action of our aircraft and fighters was without result. That is a confirmation of our assumption that he went into the water at an air speed of 430 kilometers an hour. His death was tragic! This pilot had only been with the 1st Staffel for one week. Failed to return from his first operational flight over England.

Helmut Kohl
Helmut Kohl - missing in action (Brownless)

Burial detail: None found.

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