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Mission: Interception of enemy aircraft.

Date: 4
th November 1942

Unit: 8 Staffel./Jagdgeschwader 77

Type: Messerschmitt Bf 109G-2


Coded: 6 + (Black)

Location: Gambut, Libya.

Pilot: Leutnant. Heinz Ludemann. – Returned to German lines.


German squadron records and pilot's diaries show that this 109G-2 was damaged in a dog-fight by F/Sgt W. D. Brown, a Canadian of No.112 Squadron near Gambut,Cyrenaica, the pilot Leutnant. Heinz Ludemann, who although wounded managed to land in the desert. He got back to his Squadron but the plane was captured by the advancing 8th army on the 11th November 1942 intact. Heinz Ludemann was shot down and killed by No.112 Squadron pilot Ray "Goose" Guess, R.C.A.F. J10277, on the 10
th March 1943.

(2) Heinz Ludemann
Leutnant. Heinz Ludemann (Archive)

(1) Black 6 when captured
“Black” 6 pictured shortly after its capture (IWM)

Restored to fly in 1991 by Ron Snaddon and his team at R.A.F. Benson, later transferred to Duxford where it flew for the next five years.

(3) Ludemann cockpit

(4) Bf 109G-2 Wnr.10639 Lt. LÅdemann
The cockpit of Heinz Ludemann’s Bf 109G-2 (Brownless)

After a fantastic restoration “Black” 6 flies again (net)

(6) Reenactment at Duxford
Pictured on display with re-enactment Luftwaffe personnel at Duxford (Brownless)




(10) Black 6 with Lw veterans
Luftwaffe veterans take a close look at “Black” 6 at Duxford 1995 (Brownless)

(11) Black 6 with Lw veterans

(12) Now on static display at Hendon
Now grounded, Heinz Ludemann’s machine rests at the R.A.F. museum at Hendon (Brownless)

Burial detail: None.

Researched and compiled by Melvin Brownless and added to website in July 2014.