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Mission: Liverpool, England.

Date: 20/21st October 1941

Unit: 6 Staffel/Kampfgeschwader 2

Type: Dornier Do 217E-2


Code: U5 + AP

Location: 7km NNE of Schiphol, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Pilot: Hauptmann. Gerhard Czernik (Knights Cross) - Killed.

Observer: Oberfeldwebel. Robert Spies - Killed.

Radio/Op: Feldwebel. Karl Koch - Killed.

Gunner: Feldwebel. Horst Walther - Injured.


Ofw. Spies and Fw. Walther bailed out of the aircraft by parachute. Loss of aircraft was due to engine failure during landing.100% destroyed.

Hptm. Czernik + 21.10.41 (via Jeckel)ccCzernik Gerhard - 1 - Ysselsteyn
ccccGerhard Czernik aged 28 (Jeckel) ccccccccccccccc Czernik Block CW, Row 6, Grave 143 (M. de Wolf)

Burial of three crew
The original burial took place at Amsterdam on 28th October 1941. (Later transferred to the Deutsche Soldatenfriedhof Ysselsteyn,
Netherlands). Below; Wreath & Ribbons sent by the head of the Luftwaffe Hermann Goering. (Jeckel)

Goering tribute

Hitler tribute
Floral tribute from “Adolf Hitler” Leader of Germany. (Jeckel)

Karl-Heinz Koch - YsselsteynccSpies Robert - Ysselsteyn
cccKoch Block CW, Row 6, Grave 144 cccccccccccccccccccccccccSpies Block CW, Row 6, Grave 142 (M. de Wolf)

Burial detail: Deutsche Soldatenfriedhof Ysselsteyn, Netherlands. Gerhard Czernik Block CW, Row 6, Grave 143. Robert Spies Block CW, Row 6, Grave 142. Karl Koch Block CW, Row 6, Grave 144.

Compiled by Melvin Brownless with thanks to Horst Jeckel, John Manrho, Hans Nauta and Matti Salonen, and Mieke de Wolf. (Updated March 2015)
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