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Mission: Attack on Derby, England.

Date: 16
th January 1941

Time: 01.40 hours.

Unit: 4 Staffel./Kampfgeschwader 3

Type: Dornier Do 17Z-2

Werke Nr.3456

Code: 5K + DM

Location: Hartswood, 2 miles SE Brentwood, Essex, England.

Pilot: Unteroffizier. Mathias Schindler. 53576/792 – Killed.

Observer: Unteroffizier. Leonhard Winkler. – Killed.

Radio/Op: Unteroffizier. Josef Sanktjohanser. – Killed.

Gunner: Gefreiter. Werner Teichmann. – Killed.


The aircraft probably started from an aerodrome to the south east of Antwerp to bomb Derby. This aircraft was brought down by night fighter action and dived into the ground at high speed, breaking up and scattering wreckage over a wide area. The main portion of wreckage caught fire and burnt out. A few bullet strikes were found in an airscrew and the underside of the fairing of the port engine.

Markings: The aircraft was painted with dull lamp black paint over the usual light blue and mottled green camouflage. Four plates found in wreckage showed airframe or components were made by Henschel F.W.

Armament: four MG 15 were found in the wreckage and a quantity of armour plating, including the complete pilot's armouring.


On the 31
st August 1940 this aircraft is recorded having returned after attacking Hornchurch whilst serving with Stab II./KG 3. Leutnant. Schopper and his crew were all wounded after attack by fighters. Do 17Z Wnr.3456 was riddled by splinters causing 12% damage.

(1) Do 17Z Hartswood 16.01.1941
The aftermath of the terrific crash in Hartswood, January 1941 (Parker/Parry)

(2) 16.01.41 Do 17Z Wnr.3456 Uffz. Schindler KG3 (Hartswood) Brentford - Copy
Family death notice for the pilot Mathias Schindler.

Burial detail: Deutsche Soldatenfriedhof Cannock Chase, Staffordshire, England. (Brownless)

Mathias Schindler, Josef Sanktjohanser, Werner Teichmann and Leonhard.
Winkler all rest together in a shared grave Block 9 Grave 61. (Brownless)

Researched and compiled by Melvin Brownless. Special thanks to Nigel Parker and Steve Sheridan for their help in constructing this page of remembrance. February 2017.

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