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Mission: Birmingham, England.

Date: 9
th July 1941

Time: 02.35 a.m.

Unit: 3 Staffel./Kampfgeschwader 30

Type: Junkers Ju 88A-6


Coded: 4D + GL

Location: Vale Acre Farm, Alderholt near Cranbourne, Dorset, England.

Pilot: Feldwebel. Peter Schönauer. 62744/? Captured – POW.

Observer: Unteroffizier. Otto Jahn. 62744/? Captured – POW.

Radio/Op: Unteroffizier. Hermann Dapper. 62744/? Captured – POW.

Flt/Eng: Obergefreiter . Werner Pietsch. 62744/? Captured – POW.


Started from St Andre at 00.05 hrs. to attack the Aero engine works at Mosley, Birmingham. Soon after crossing the English coast at 13,000 ft. this aircraft was attacked by a night fighter which stopped the starboard engine, and the bomb load was jettisoned. The pilot lost control of the aircraft and the crew bailed out at 1,600 ft., the aircraft diving into the ground. The pilot and wireless operator had the Silver (60) War Flights Badge with the observer and bordmechaniker having the Bronze (20) War Flights Badge. This aircraft was attacked and shot down by F/O K. I. Geddes and Sgt A. C. Cannon in a Beaufighter of No.604 Squadron.

1 Schînauer EKIIcc2 Schînauer EKI

3 Peter Schonauer on right
Right: Feldwebel. Peter Schönauer (Fuller)

Extract from Peter Schönauer’s war time diary now in possession of Colin Fuller;

One year has passed since I went abroad in my Ju 88, the last time from St.Andre I started for an attack on Birmingham. At an altitude of 4000 meters I crossed the English South coast, West of Southampton, on my way to Birmingham. Just before 01.00 hours my wireless operator saw an aircraft above us, flying East-West, I changed direction 10 degrees, but after a few minutes I changed course again. I had just finished my turn, when I thought I heard MG firing, and at the same moment the wireless operator shouted; “Nightfighter”. Immediately I changed course and turned our aircraft upside down. At an altitude of 3000 meters, I trimmed the aircraft and saw that my right engine was destroyed completely, oil and coolant is pouring out. I switched off the engine, and changed direction back to base, although the left engine was working without problems, I was unable to keep our altitude, also due to the fact, we were unable to drop our armour. Anyway, we went down quickly. I was unable to keep the aircraft on a level course, the aircraft was constantly in a right curve. I ordered the crew to bail out at 600 meters. At 300 meters I left the aircraft from the underside gondola. Almost at the same moment as I had reached the ground our aircraft crashed nearby and started burning immediately. I decided to make my way to the aircraft, on arrival I found that British soldiers were already at the scene and they took me as prisoner. Our aircraft had crashed in a garden, 10 meters from the house. The remainder of my crew all landed safe, I later saw them in the prison. This happened 12 months ago, I am not yet home, when will that be? Here, no-one can answer that question.

Peter Schönauer. 08.07.1942 Monteith, Ontario, Canada.

4 Peter Schonauer as POW
Prisoner of war number 1447 Schönauer (Fuller)

5 POW Award

Researched and compiled by Melvin Brownless with special thanks to Colin Fuller (Australia) for his help in creating this page, May 2003. Updated August 2013.