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Mission: Intruder operation over England.

Date: 14th June 1941

Unit: 4 Staffel./Nachtjagdgeschwader 2

Type: Junkers Ju 88C-2


Code: R4 + IM

Location: North Sea.

Pilot: Unteroffizier. Vitus Alt. 60941/5 – Killed. Born 28.01.1915 in Kissing/Augsburg.

Radio/Op: Unteroffizier. Hans Suckow. 60941/7 – Killed. Born 09.07.1920 in Gumbinnen.

Gunner: Unteroffizier. Erwin Korn. 60941/6 – Killed. Born 11.10.1920 in Bigichheim.


st Lieutenant and Squadron Commander
Air Force Postal Area Amsterdam via Bentheim.

Dear parents of my comrade Alt.

I must share with you the sad news that your son failed to return from a combat mission against England on 14 June, 1941. He took off on 13 June at 2300 and carried out his mission properly. At 0230 in the morning he observed a rubber boat near the island of Schouven, off the coast of the Netherlands that had come from a ditched aircraft. He circled around it in order to determine its exact location and too coordinate air/sea rescue efforts. As a result of his correct conduct the aircrew in the rubber boat were rescued. While circling, he concentrated more on the rubber boat than on his aircraft and as a result descended gradually closer to the water and crashed.

His aircraft bounced once, continued on for a long distance and then dived vertically into the water. An immediate search for survivors failed to produce results. No floating parts of the aircraft were seen. In all likelihood the crew members, Uffz. Suckow (radioman) and Uffz. Korn (Gunner), as well as your son were killed by the impact. In this manner fate tore your son, an operationally motivated, highly idealistic and accomplished pilot from the squadron. In the short time that he was at the front he demonstrated his spirit, high levels of motivation and piloting skill during five combat missions. He found his death while engaged in a rescue operation for endangered comrades. We will always remember him as a good comrade and avid pilot.
In your deep sorrow we wish you to take solace and reflect on his enthusiastic in carrying out missions for the Reich and Fuehrer. We wish to help you where we can and ask that you address all questions concerning the death of your son to the squadron.

In deepest sympathy
(signed) Bohn
st Lieutenant and Squadron Commander.

3 Uffz Vitus Alt

1 Uffz Vitus Alt + 14.06.41
Unteroffizier. Vitus Alt 1st from left during training (via Alt)

2 Uffz Vitus Alt
Another photo from the Alt collection showing a Dornier Do 17 that he possibly flew during training on twin engine aircraft.(via Alt)

4 Uffz Vitus Altccc5 Uffz Vitus Alt via Alt NJG2
Pilot of the ill-fated Ju 88, Uffz. Vitus Alt (via Alt)

6 German lost at sea memorial
German “Lost at Sea” memorial.

Burial detail: No – Missing at sea.
Both Hans Suckow and Erwin Korn are commemorated on the war memorial at Kiel, cannot find a reference to the name of Alt?
Researched and compiled by Melvin Brownless with special thanks to Jakob Alt, who provided family photos and documents for use in this page of remembrance to his brother Vitus. Also thanks to Dave Kirby for translation of documents. June 2013