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Mission: Attack on Portsmouth harbour, England.

Date: 26
th August 1940

Time: 16.30 hours.

Unit: Stab l./Kampfgeschwader 55

Type: Heinkel He 111P

Werke/Nr.(not known).

Code: G1 + BB

Location: Court Wick Farm, Wick, near Littlehampton, Sussex, England.

Pilot: Oberleutnant. Igo Krenn. 67014/31 – Captured uninjured.

Observer: Unteroffizier. Helmuth Morrack. 67014/35 – Captured slightly wounded.

Radio/Op: Unteroffizier. Hans Degen. 67016/89 – Captured uninjured.

Flt/Eng: Unteroffizier. Willi Shneiders. 67014/13 – Seriously wounded.

Gunner: Feldwebel. Alois Schreck. 67014/21 - Slightly wounded.


Tracks on a map were Rembouillet, Dreux, Portsmouth. Before reaching objective this aircraft was attacked by six or seven fighters who shot at and first stopped one and then the other engine. The bombs were scuttled shortly before the aircraft made a good forced landing. This aircraft was attacked by S/L J. V. C. Badger and Sgt H. J. L. Hallowes of No. 43 Squadron. Also that attacked by S/L A. V. R. Johnstone and crashed at Court Wick Farm, Wick, Sussex.

(1) Oblt. Ignaz Krenn pictured at Chichester station
Oblt. Ignaz Krenn pictured at Chichester station on his way to a prisoner of war camp until the end of the war. (Hall)

(2) 26.08.40 He 111 Oblt Krenn
Markings: the second B was in white with a red stripe inside. Shield; gold, red dragon with blue wings. Aircraft constructed by Norddeutscher Dornier Werke and dated 24/1/39. Starboard engine was found to be a DB 601 A and port engine a DB 600. Armament: one MG 15 in nose, one MG 15 top rear, one MG 15 firing out of each side, one lower rear MG 15 and one MG 15 firing out of the extreme of tail, operated by a simple Bowden trigger release.

Armour plate: 10 mm on pilots seat, standard bulkhead 10 mm, armour under rear gunner 8 mm, sloping shield 8 mm thick consisting of rectangular plate 27 inches wide by 35 inches long protecting lower gunner from stern attack from above. About 150 .303 strikes spread over fuselage and wings.

Researched and compiled by Melvin Brownless, special thanks to Steve Hall KG 55 historian and old friend. April 2015.
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