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Mission: Armed reconnaissance flight.

Date: 12
th July 1940

Time: 16.30 hours.

Unit: Stab./Kampfgeschwader 55

Type: Heinkel He 111P

Werke Nr. (not known)

Code: G1 + FA

Location: Horse and Jockey Inn, Hipley, NW of Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.

Pilot: Feldwebel. John Christian Moehn. 67013/106 - Captured unwounded.

Observer: Oberleutnant. Walter Kleinhanns. 67013/2 – Died from wounds in hospital.

Radio/Op: Feldwebel. Heinz Kalinna. 67013/69 – Captured unwounded.

Flight/Eng: Oberfeldwebel. Fritz Knecht. 67013/14 - Captured wounded.

Gunner: Oberfeldwebel. Philipp Mueller. 67013/44 – Captured wounded.


Started from west of Versailles on an armed reconnaissance and flying alone, but a photograph showing oil tanks was found, so presumably this was the objective. Coming in over the Isle of Wight and Southampton Water they were attacked by fighters and promptly dropped their bomb load of sixteen 50 kg and crash landed near the “Horse & Jockey” Public House, Hipley, NW of Portsmouth, Hampshire. The aircraft remained relatively intact. The pilot was wearing the Bronze Wound Badge which he was awarded for an action with ten Moranes in April 1940; this was the first time that someone wearing the badge had been captured. Attacked by six Hurricane pilots from No. 43 Squadron. S/L J. V. C. Badger, F/Lt T. F. Dalton-Morgan, P/O R. A. De Mancha, P/O D. G. Gorrie, P/O H. C. Upton (Canadian) and Sgt C. A. H. Ayling.

1Hipley Mohn pilot
Feldwebel. John Christian Moehn (Hall/Burgess)

2 He 111P Horse & Jockey, Hipley

3 RAF personnel inspecting Heinkel He 111P 12 July 1940 IWM
The aircraft of Moehn pictured shortly after landing and a little later when disguising from the air! (Hall)

Burial detail: Walter Kleinhanns rests in the Kriegsgräberstätte in Gosport Ann's Hill Cemetery.

Block 188 Grave 58.

4 KLEINHANNS, Walter 67013-2 Age 18, 12 July 1940
The last resting place for Walter Kleinhanns, aged 18 years. (Burgess Collection)

Researched and compiled by Melvin Brownless, with special thanks to Steven Hall and the late Pat Burgess for helping to create this page of remembrance. March 2015.

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