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Mission: Reconnaissance flight - England.

Date: 1
st July 1940

Time: (not known)

Unit: 3 Staffel./Fernaufklaerungsgruppe 121

Type: Junkers Ju 88A-1

Werke/Nr.(not recorded)

Coded: 7A +

Location: Near Livry-Gargan, NE of Paris, France.

Pilot: Feldwebel. Wilhelm Kraus. 53502/47 – Killed. Born 03.12.1916 in Londorf.Oberhessen.

Observer: Unteroffizier. Max Seeber. 57005/165 – Killed. Born 24.09.1901 in Konstanz.

Radio/Op: Obergefreiter. Rudolf Ehrich. 73033/125 – Killed. Born 09.08.1916 in Kahlau/Mohringen.

(1) Kraus,  Seeber, Ehrich , Knoefel
The Kraus crew; Wilhelm Kraus, Max Seeber, Rudolf Ehrich and Knoefel (Jeckel)


This aircraft crashed landed near Livry-Gargan after return from a reconnaissance flight over England. The crew was killed and their aircraft 100% destroyed. The crew originally laid to rest at Gonesse/Seine-et-Oise. Later transferred to Champigny-St. Andre where they now rest side by side.

(2) Wilhelm Krauscc(3) Einsatz_18.06.1940
Portrait photo Wilhelm in flying gear (Jeckel) Notes regarding mission 18.06.1940 (Jeckel)

(4) Original burial
Original burial of the crew (Jeckel)

(5) Kraus grave
Grave marker for Wilhelm Kraus (Jeckel)

(6) Kraus Album FF Abzeichen
Photo album, pilots badge of Wilhelm Kraus (Jeckel)

Burial detail:

This crew now rest in the Deutsche Soldatenfriedhof Champigny-St. Andre, France. Block 17, Row 18, Graves 994, 995, and 996.

Researched and compiled by Melvin Brownless, with special thanks to Horst Jeckel and Matti Salonen. (New 20.07.2014)