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Mission: Liverpool, England.

Date: 9
th November 1940

Time: 20.18 hours.

Unit: 1 Staffel./Küstenfliegergruppe 606

Type: Dornier Do 17Z-3


Coded: 7T + KH

Location: Boconnoc House, Liskeard, 6 miles SE Bodmin, Cornwall, Devon, England.

Pilot: Oberfeldwebel. Walter Siefert.73711/71 – Killed.

Observer: Leutnant zur See. Gunther Seelhorst. 73099/69 – Killed.

Radio/Op: Unteroffizier. Heinz Winkler.73711/78 – Killed.

Flt/Eng: Obergefreiter. Heinz Haseloff.73711/84 – Killed.


The cause of this crash is unknown but the aircraft circled the district for some time, then crashed and blew up on impact being completely wrecked. Markings: K in black, outlined in white. Airframe made by Dornier Werke Friedrichshafen.
Engines: Bramo Fafnir. Armament: three MG 15 found. Six 50 kg bombs found near the wreckage, fitted with No.15 fuse's.

Note: This crash site was investigated by noted aviation historian Alan Brown and was later excavated by the Devon Aircraft Research and Recovery Team who unearthed three unexploded 50kg bombs which were exploded by an Army Bomb Disposal unit during February 1980.

R.A.F. Air Intelligence Report A.I.(k) 881/1940 (National Archive

The wreckage of Gunther Seelhorst’s Do 17Z under guard in the woodland (Walford).


Burial detail: Deutsche Soldatenfriedhof Cannock Chase, Staffs, England.


All rest Block 9 Grave 36.

Researched and compiled by Melvin Brownless, September 2013.