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Mission: Reconnaissance London, England.

Date: 20
th September 1940

Unit: 1 Staffel./Fernaufklärungsgruppe 123

Type: Junkers Ju 88A-1


Coded: 4U + EH

Location: St. Leonord, near Boulogne, France.

Pilot: Leutnant. Gerhard Rommel. 69004/82 – Injured. Born 08.04.1918 in Böblingen.

Observer: Oberleutnant. Gerd Hoffmann. 69004/81 – Injured. Born 04.05.1914 in Beuthen.

Radio/Op: Gefreiter. Johann Adam. 69004/80 – Injured. Born 29.08.1918 in Haustadt / Saar.

Gunner: Unteroffizier. Eduard Leuchs. 69004/54 – Killed. Born 04.09.1914 in Buch / Ufr.


On reaching the target the “
Emil” came under attack by RAF Spitfires sustaining some damage to its structure. Our gunners returned defensive fire but they were heavily outnumbered, so it was decided the get out of this “Hells Kitchen” and return to France forthwith. The machine had been damaged more than we first expected and we had to get our “Emil” down as quick as we could. Soon they were off the coast of Bologne. Leutnant Rommel prepared the aircraft and instructed his comrades for the crash landing.

Gerhard Rommel crash landed the damaged machine in a field near the Calais – St.Omer road, Pont de Briques. The four comrades were all wounded. Our main concern however was for Unteroffizier. Leuchs, who has suffered more serious injuries! Sadly, the next day Eduard Leuchs succumbed to his wounds and passed away in Bologne hospital.

Ju 88 4U + EH after crash landing, the letter E can clearly be seen on part of wreckage (Göbel/Schlichting)




5 Uffz.Luechscc6
Eduard Leuchs, the only fatality
ccccccccccccccc ccccccccEduard’s original grave

Burial detail:

The grave of Uffz. Leuchs can be found at the Kriegsgräberstatte Bourdon, France. Block 25, Row 18, Grave 699.

Researched and compiled by Melvin Brownless, with special thanks to former 1./(F)123 Staffelkapitän, Armin Göbel and pilot Fritz Schlichting. Also thanks to Wendi von Well for her help with translation. August 2013.