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Mission: Free-lance sortie southern England.

Date: 6th September 1940

Time: 6.30 p.m.

Unit: 7 Staffel./Jagdgeschwader 53

Type: Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4


Coded: 5 + I

Location: Vincent's Farm, near Manston, Kent, England.

Pilot: Unteroffizier. Hans-Georg Schulte. Captured - POW.


This aircraft was severely damaged in combat with Spitfires of No. 41 and No. 222 Squadrons during free lance patrol over Dover.
Pilot attempted to put down at RAF Manston but forced landed at Vincent's Farm, just north of the airfield. Uffz. Schulte was captured unhurt. (Source Blitz "Then & Now" Vol.1).

RAF Intelligence A.I.(g) Crashed Enemy Aircraft report;

Me 109 crashed near Vincents Farm, Manston on 06.09.40 at 18.30 hours. Markings 5 + I in white. White cowling, spinner and rudder. Camouflaged mottled light and dark green and grey. Thick red band painted out. Aircraft constructed by Erla, Werke Nr. 1506. Fitted with DB 601A/1 engine, Mercedes Benz work nr.62611. Cause of crash uncertain. One wing buckled, otherwise condition of aircraft fair. Standard armament and bulkhead together with pilot's head armour shield standard.

Copy of Bf 109E at Vincents Fm (Saunders)
Bf 109E-4 Wnr.1506 pictured following its crash landing at Vincent’s Farm (Saunders).

Bf 109E-4 Wnr.1506 Uffz Schulte on display in Sheffield
Uffz. Schulte's Bf 109 E-4 being prepared for a display to raise funds in Sheffield.

Bf 109E-4 Hans Georg Schulte

Researched by Melvin Brownless (A. R. Society) with special thanks to Andy Saunders and Patrick Gariepy for use of this photo from his personal private collection. June 2011.