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Mission: Attack on Hornchurch aerodrome.

Date: 16th August 1940

Time: 4.55 p.m.

Unit: 3./Staffel/Kampfgeschwader 2

Type: Dornier Do 17Z-2

Werke/Nr. Unknown

Code: U5 + LL (L in yellow)

Location: Summerfield, near Staple, Kent, England.

Pilot: Leutnant. Heinz Moellenbrok - Baled out captured wounded. Born 06.04.1920.

Observer: Unteroffizier. Philipp Hess - Baled out captured wounded. Born ?

Radio/Op: Gefreiter. Gerhard Reinicke - Killed. Born 12.10.1919.

Gunner: Gefreiter. Johann Golob - Killed. Born 09.12.1914.

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A KG2 Dornier Do 17Z being bombed up (1940)


This aircraft was intercepted by Hurricanes of No.56 Squadron during sortie to attack Hornchurch aerodrome. Probably that attacked by P/O Bryan Wicks. Ploughed into the ground and broke up on impact. Lt. Moellenbrok and Uffz. Hess baled out and captured wounded and admitted to Royal Herbert Hospital, Woolwich. Gefr. Reinicke and Gefr. Golob baled out too low and were killed. Leutnant Moellenbrok spent the rest of the war as a POW

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Heinz Moellenbrok (Moellenbrok) Bryan Wicks of No.56 Sqdn (ARS)

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Watercolour sketch by Heinz Moellenbrok as a POW

Burial details: Those who lost their lives now lie in the Deutsche Soldatenfriedhof Cannock Chase, Staffs. Gefr Reinicke Block 1, Grave 37 and Gefr Golob Grave 38.