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January 1941:

February 1941:

01.02.1941.No. 217 Squadron Beaufort I L9866 Sgt. Rutherford
Location: Sea off Morlaix, France.

04.02.1941 No. 106 Squadron Hampden I AD750 F/O. Thomas
Location: Pont St Martin, Nr. Nantes, Loire, France.

04.02.1941 No 18 O.T.U. Wellington IC R1298 F/O. Warburton
Location: Middlewich, Cheshire

05.02.1941. No. 65 Squadron. R.A.F. Spitfire II. P7665. P/O Hill M.B.E.
Location: St. Omer, France.

05.02.1941 No.610 Squadron Spitfire I N3249 Sgt Denchfield
Location: Near Wizernes, St Omer, France.

10.02.1941. No. 254 Squadron Blenheim IV N3528 F/O. Mackenzie
Location: Smábergan.

21/22.02.1941 No. 149 Squadron Wellington IC R1045 F/O. Henderson
Location: Unknown.

21/22.02.1941 No. 75 Squadron (R.N.Z.A.F.) Wellington IC T2503 P/O. Falconer
Location: North Sea.

March 1941:

01/02.03.1941 No. 61 Squadron R.A.F. Hampden I X3147 Sgt. Clarke
Location: Syderstone, Norfolk, England.

01/02.03.1941 No 144 Squadron R.A.F. Hampden I P4394 F/O. Skinner
Location: Wainfleet, Lincolnshire, England.

12/13.03.1941 No. 40 Squadron Wellington IC T2515 Sgt. Gough
Location: Near Wimille, Pas-de-Calais, Franc

17.03.1941 A.T.A. Hurricane I Z7010 Captain Percy Randall
Location: Holy Green, near Princes Risborough, Bucks, England.

17/18.03.1941 No. 149 Squadron R.A.F. Wellington IC  R1474  Sgt Warren
Location: Beck Row, near Mildenhall, Suffolk, England.

22.03.1941  No. 254 Squadron R.A.F. Blenheim L9406  P/O Duff
Location: Off coast of Norway.

April 1941:

06.04.1941 No. 22 Squadron. Beaufort I. N1016. F/O Campbell V.C
Location: Brest Harbour.

12.04.1941 No. 303 Squadron (Polish) Spitfire IIA P8029 Sq/Ldr. Henneberg D.F.C.
Location: English Channel.

13.04.1941 No. 149 Squadron Wellington IC T2897 P/O. Morison
Location: St. Sever, Calvados, France.

16.04.1941 No. 10 Squadron. Whitley Mk V. Z6557. Sgt. Salway
Location: South East of Papenburg off Dutch coast, Netherlands.

17/18.04.1941 No. 149 Squadron Wellington IC P9248 Sgt. Peel
Location: Unknown.

26.04.1941  No. 54 O.T.U. R.A.F. Defiant I N1568  Sgt Crozier
Location: Thorp Arch, near Wetherby, Yorkshire, England.

28.04.1941 No. 10 Squadron R.A.A.F. Sunderland I T9075 F/O. Hodgkinson
Location: Irish Sea.

30.04.1941 11 O.T.U. Wellington IC T2905 P/O Evans
Location: St. Andrews Park, Bristol, England.

May 1941:

06/07.05.1941. No. 75 Squadron Wellington IC R3169 Sgt. Nola
Location: River Humber, Trinity Sands, England.

07/08.05.1941 150 squadron Wellington IC R1374 Fl/Lt. Savage
Location: Nantes, France.

10/11.05.1941. No.115 Squadron R.A.F. Wellington IC. R1379. Sgt. Anderson
Location: Near Toenning,(Schleswig-Holstein), Germany.

17.05.1941. No. 71 Squadron R.A.F. (Eagle) Hurricane II Z3186 F/O Kolendorski
Location: In the sea off Clacton, Essex, England.

20/21.05.1941 No. 274 Squadron Magister Fl/Lt. Ross - P/O. Hutt
Location: Not known.

22/23.05.1941. No. 301 Squadron (Polish) Wellington IC R1026 P/O Pietruszka
Location: Roe Wood Farm, Winkburn, Nottinghamshire, England.

June 1941:

08.06.1941 No. 500 Squadron Blenheim IVF V5689 F/O. Hall-Jones
Location: Holme-next-the-sea, Norfolk, England.

12.06.1941. No. 236 Squadron R.A.F. Whirlwind I P7045. F/O Ferdinand
Location: Filton, Bristol, England.

11/12.06.1941 No.149 Squadron R.A.F. Wellington IC  W5439  Sgt Harrison
Location: Het Broek, Netherlands.

12/13.06.1941 No. 102 Squadron Whitley V Z6489 Sgt. Chapman
Location: Aalst-Waalre, south of Eindhoven, Netherlands.

16/17.06.1941 No. 51 Squadron Whitley V Z6479 Sgt. Baston
Location: Houthalen, Limburg, Belgium.

17.06.1941  No. 56 Squadron RAF  Hurricane II  Z2812  P/O Robinson
Location: In English Channel.

17.06.1941  No. 56 Squadron RAF  Hurricane II  Z3329  Sgt Carvill
Location: In English Channel.

21.06.1941 No. 99 Squadron Wellington IC X9643 F/O. Allen
Location: 2 miles E.N.E. Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire

26/27.06.1941 No. 61 Squadron RAF Manchester L7304 F/O. Webb
Location: Marne/Holstein (The former area of "Adolf Hitler Koog").

27/28.06.1941 No. 10 Squadron Whitley V T4179 Sgt. Shaw
Location: Hipstedt.

July 1941:

02.07.1941 No. 303 Squdron (Polish) Spitfire Vb P8596 S/Ldr. Lapkowski
Location: English Channel.

06.07.1941 No. 74 Squadron Spitfire Vb W3176 Fl/Sgt. Carter
Location: France.

08/09.07.1941 No. 10 Squadron Whitley V Z6677 Fl/Sgt. Lewis
Location: North Sea - Off Holland, Netherlands.

13/14.07.1941 O.A.D.U. Wellington IC Z8780 Sgt. Haynes
Location: Atlantic Ocean off Esposende, Portugal

17.07.1941. No. 54 Squadron R.A.F. Spitfire Va W3216. Sgt. Laing
Location: Hawkinge, Kent, England.

17.07.1941 No. 13 O.T.U. Blenheim IV R3805 Sgt. Calderone
Location: Shelswell Park, Buckingham, England.

18.07.1941  No. 21 Squadron RAF  Blenheim VI  V5595  Sgt Kemp
Location: Off Gravelines, France.

21/22. 07.1941 No. 44 Squadron RAF Hampden I  AD983  Sgt Bruce
Location: Lindum Hill School, Lincoln, Lincs, England.

22.07.1941  No. 308 (P) Squadron  Spitfire II  P8590  P/O Orzechowski
Location: Lost in English Channel.

24/25.07.1941 No. 103 Squadron Wellington IC R1397 P/O. Lund
Location: Bozum, Netherlands.

August 1941:

03.08.1941 No. 611 Squadron. Spitfire V. W3257 F/Lt. Lock
Location: Calais, France.

03/04.08.1941 No. 218 Squadron Wellington IC Z8781 W/Cmdr. Fletcher
Location: Moordeich, Stuhr, Germany

05/06.08.1941 No. 12 Squadron Wellington II W5421 Fl/Lt. Langlois
Location: Antwerpen-Deurne airfield, Belgium.

05/06.08.1941 No. 103 Squadron. R.A.F. Wellington IC  W5656  Sgt Greey
Location: Chateau Ledquent, Marquise, 15 km S.W. of Calais, France.

06/07.08.1941 No. 75 Squadron R.N.Z.A.F. Wellington IC R1648 Sgt. Millett
Location: North Sea.

08.08.1941 No. 114 Squadron R.A.F. Blenheim IV V6522 F/O. Richmond
Location: Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England.

08/09.08.1941 No. 301 Squadron (Polish) Wellington IC T2625 F/O. Liniewski
Location: Nieuweschans.

09.08.1941 No. 308 Squadron (Polish) Spitfire IIB P8676 P/O. Blach
Location: Ruislip, England.

11.08.1941 No. 303 Squadron (Polish) Spitfire I X4065 P/O. Juszczak
Location: 3 Miles West Prestatyn, Wales.

12.08.1941 No. 55 O.T.U Hurricane I V7742 Sgt. Karubin D.F.M. / Hurricane V6565 P/O. Hohne
Location: Horn Crag, Scafell, Eskdale, Cumberland, England.

16.08.1941 No. 609 Squadron R.A.F. Spitfire Vb P8745 P/O. Cropper
Location: Güines, North western France.

19.08.1941  No. 403 Squadron R.C.A.F. Spitfire V R7260  P/O Dick
Location: In sea off Dover, England.

22/23.08.1941 No. 106 Squadron Hampden AE220 P/O. McGruer
Location: Plankstadt, 5km west of Heidelberg, Germany

24.08.1941 No. 302 Squadron (Polish) Hurricane IIB Z2913 Sgt. Kropiwnicki
Location: Near Churchstanton, Somerset, England.

26.08.1941 No. 21 Squadron Blenheim IV Z7483 Sgt. Oman
Location: North Sea off Bergen - aan - Zee, Holland

26.08.1941 No. 82 Squadron Blenheim IV. T2165 Sq/Ldr. Lascelles D.F.C.
Location: Target area.

28.08.1941. No. 21 Squadron. Blenheim IV. V6436. P/O Orme
Location: Maassluis, Netherlands.

28.08.1941. No. 21 Squadron. Blenheim IV. Z7447. Sq/Ldr. Shuttleworth
Location: Off the coast of Holland, Netherlands.

28.08.1941. No 21 Squadron Blenheim IV. V5825. P/O. MacDonald
Location: Holland, Netherlands.

28.08.1941. No. 21 Squadron. Blenheim IV. Z7435. Sgt Hayes
Location: Rozenburg (Zuid Holland), Netherlands.

29.08.1941 No. 306 Squadron (Polish) Spitfire IIB P8507 S/Ldr. SloĊ„ski-Ostoja
Location: Hazerbrouck, Northern France.

29.08.1941 No. 15 O.T.U Wellington II W5569 Sgt. Dyan
Location: North Front Aerodrome, Gibraltar.

September 1941:

02/03.09.1941 No. 35 Squadron Halifax I L9560 P/O. Fraser
Location: Kreuzbruch, Germany.

05.09.1941 No. 60 O.T.U. Defiant I N1679 F/O. Blasinski
Location: Edlingham, Northumberland, England.

06/07.09.1941 No. 102 Squadron Whitley V Z6574 P/O. Croucher
Location: North Sea, 60 miles N.E. of Bircham Newton, Norfolk, England.

11.09.1941 No. 306 Squadron Spitfire Vb W3724 UZ-P Sgt. Zawistowski
Location: Ruislip Lido, Middlesex

16.09.1941 No. 306 Squadron Spitfire VB AB993 Sgt. Wieprzkowicz
Location: Not known.

20.09.1941 No. 16 O.T.U. R.A.F. Hampden I P5314  P/O van der Merwe
Location: Croughton, Oxfordshire, England.

20/21.09.1941 No. 77 Squadron R.A.F. Whitley V Z6934 Sgt. Sinclair
Location: Not known.

21.09.1941 No. 315 Squadron P.A.F. Spitfire VB AB927 F/O. Nowak
Location: English Channel.

October 1941:

01.10.1941 No.185 Sqdn R.A.F. Hurricane IIb Z5265  P/O Mould D.F.C
Location: Missing north of Gozo, off Malta.

10.10.1941 No. 500 Squadron Blenheim IV V6171 F/O. Webb
Location: Overstrand, North Sea.

10/11.10.1941 No. 12 Squadron Wellington II Z8397 Sgt. Tothill
Location: Caister-On-Sea, Norfolk, England.

11.10.1941 No. 217 Squadron Beaufort I AW197 Sgt. Perry
Location: English Channel.

12/13.10.1941 No. 40 Sqdn R.A.F. Wellington B MkIC X9619 P/O Field (Updated 16-11-2012)
Location: Sautin, near Chimay, Hanuilt, Belgium.

12/13.10.1941 No. 207 Squadron Manchester I L7312 P/O. Bowes-Cavanagh
Location: Horendonk, Antwerp, Belgium.

12/13.10.1941 No. 15 Squadron Stirling I N6047 P/O. Colbourne
Location: Mariembourg (Namur), 12 km. S.S.W. of Philippeville, Belgium.

16.10.1941 No. 42 Squadron Beaufort I L9939 P/O. Turner
Location: Not known.

27.10.1941 No. 401 Squadron R.C.A.F. Spitfire Vb W3601 Fl/Sgt. Thompson Location: Martin Hill near Deal, Kent, England.

November 1941:

05.11.1941 No. 611 Squadron Spitfire V AB984 Sgt. Dales
Location: English Channel.

05/06.11.1941 No 83 Squadron Hampden I AD850 F/O. Hartley
Location: Mano Island, Jutland.

06.11.1941 No. 148 Sqdn R.A.A.F. Wellington II. Z8365  P/O McMaster
Location: Kabrit, Egypt.

07.11.1941 No. 72 Squadron R.A.F. Spitfire Vb W3667 Fl/Lt. Birkland
Location: Not known.

07/08.11.1941 No. 51 Squadron Whitley V Z9130 S/Ldr. Dickenson
Location: North Sea.

09.11.1941 No. 408 Sqdn R.C.A.F. Hampden Mk B.1. AE438  P/O Wilson Location: Near Westkerke, West Vlaanderen, South East of Ostend, Belgium.

11.11.1841 No. 58 O.T.U. Spitfire L1083 Sgt. Mckie
Location: Loch Tay, Scotland.

15.11.1941 No. 234 Squadron Spitfire Vb AD326 Sgt. Newman
Location: Calvados, France.

18.11.1941 No. 4 A.O.S. Botha I L6195 Sgt. Hobby
Location: Galdenoch Farm, West Freugh, Wigtownshire, Scotland.

24.11.1941 No. 58 O.T.U. Spitfire Sgt. Lukomski
Location: Avondale Estate, Polmont, Scotland.

December 1941:

30/01.12.1941 No. 142 Squadron Wellington IV Z1202 Fl/Sgt. Barnfield
Location: Not known.

05.12.1941 No. 20 O.T.U. Wellington I L4348 Fl/Sgt. Goss
Location: Strathy Point, Sutherland, Scotland.

07.12.1941 No. 121 Squadron Spitfire Vb W3711 F/O. Patterson
Location: Belgium.

11.12.1941 No. 412 Squadron (R.C.A.F.) Spitfire AD291 P/O. Magee
Location: Roxholme Hall, Sleaford, England.

17.12.1941 No 58 O.T.U. Spitfire Sgt. Kippan
Location: Grangemouth airfield, Scotland.