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January 1940:

February 1940:

March 1940:

19/20.03.1940 No. 51 Squadron Whitley V N1405 Fl/Lt. Baskerville
Location: Sylt.

23/24.03.1940. No. 37 Squadron R.A.F. Wellington IA P2515 F/O Templeman
Location: Delmenhorst, near Bremen, Germany.

April 1940:

May 1940:

10.05.1940 N0. 600 Squadron R.A.F. Blenheim IF L1517 P/O. Haine D.F.C.
Location: Goeree-Overflakee, Netherlands.Location:

12.05.1940 No.105 Squadron R.A.F. Battle I  K9485  P/O Hurst
Location: Bouillon, Luxembourg.

13.05.1940 No 264 Squadron R.A.F. Defiant I L6969 Fl/Lt. Skelton
Donge river, Geertruidenberg, Netherlands.

13.05.1940 No. 264 Squadron R.A.F. Defiant I L6958 P/O. Thomas
Location: Gat van de Kampen, Petrusplaat Island.Location:

13.05.1940 No. 264 Squadron R.A.F. Defiant I L6960 P/O. Chandler
Gat van het Zuiderklip, Moordplaat, Netherlands.

13.05.1940 No. 264 Squadron R.A.F. Defiant I L6977 P/O. Greenhous
Location: Gat van het Zuiderklip, Moordplaat, Netherlands.

13.05.1940 No. 264 Squadron R.A.F. Defiant I L6965 P/O. McLeod
Location: Zevenbergen.

13.05.1940 No. 264 Squadron R.A.F. Defiant I L6974 P/O. Kay
Location: - Belgium.

14.05.1940 No. 87 Squadron R.A.F. Hurricane I L1616 P/O. Jarvis
Location: Maastricht, Belgium.

14.05.1940  No.1 Squadron RAF  Hurricane I  L1676  F/O Lorimer
Location: Near Sedan, France.

14.05.1940  No.1 Squadron RAF  Hurricane I  P2546  F/O Clisby
Location: Near Sedan, France.

14.05.1940 No 226 Squadron RAF Battle I L5438 Fl/Sgt. Dunn
Location: Mont Dieu.

14.05.1940 No 607 Squadron RAF Hurricane I P2713 P/O. Le Breuilly
Location: Corroy-le-Ch‚teau, Belgium.

14/15.05.1940 No. 44 Squadron, Hampden I. P4286. F/O Ashfield
Location: Oosterhout (Noord-Brabant) Netherlands.

23.05.1940  No. 92 Squadron R.A.F. Spitfire I N3290  F/O Gillies
Location: France. Exact location unknown.

26.05.1940  No.19 Squadron Spitfire I N3200  S/L Stephenson
Location: On beach, Dunkirk, France.

June 1940:

03/04.06.1940  No. 44 Squadron R.A.F. Hampden I P1340  Sgt Spencer
Location: North side of Orwell Estuary, near Harwich, England.

04.06.1940 59 Squadron Blenheim IV R3697 P/O. Ashton
Location: R.A.F. Eastchurch, Kent.

12.06.1940. No. 17 O.T.U. Blenheim IV. L9172. Sgt. Bain
Location: Cwmafan, Wales.

12.06.1940. No. 88 Squadron R.A.F. Battle I L5334 Fl/Lt. Pitfield
Location: Beaurepaire (Oise) France.

13.06.1940 No. 107 Squadron R.A.F. Blenheim IV R3616 P/O. Stidston
Location: Caugè, France.

18.06.1940 No. 10 Squadron R.A.A.F. Walrus I L2312 Fl/Lt. Bell
Location: Ploudaniel Brittany France.

21.06.1940 No 42 Squadron Beaufort I L9810 F/O. Barrie-Smith
Location: North sea - off Bergen Norway.

July 1940:

04.07.1940 No. 206 Squadron Hudson I N7368 P/O. Henderson D.F.C.
Location: Texel, Netherlands.

04.07.1940 No. 222 Squadron R.A.F. Spitfire IA N3294 Sgt. Lewis
Location: Near Withernsea, Yorkshire. England.

13.07.1940 No. 218 Squadron Blenheim R3597 F/O. Newton
Location: Harrold, Bedfordshire, England.

15.07.1940  No. 17 Squadron RAF Hurricane I P3482  P/O Dawbarn
Location: Near Elsenham, Essex, England.

20.07.1940. No. 44 Squadron. R.A.F. Hampden L4087. Sgt. Farrands
Location: In the sea off Jutland.

23.07.1940 No. 269 Squadron Hudson I P5152 Fl/Lt. Price
Location: Wick, Scotland.

August 1940:

01.08.1940 No 236 Squadron Blenheim IV R2274 P/O. McDonough
Location: Querqueville, France.

03.08.1940 No. 139 Squadron Blenheim IV L9239 F/O. Tedder
Location: Believed to be Macqueville, France.

08.08.1940. No. 600 Squadron. R.A.F. Blenheim IF L8665. F/O. Grice
Location: English Channel, Ramsgate, England.

11.08.1940 No. 217 Squadron Anson I K8813 P/O. Gordon-Peiniger
Location: Castelo Branco, Portugal

11.08.1940 No 145 Squadron Hurricane I V7294 F/O. Ostowicz
Location: South of the Needles, Isle of Wright

12.08.1940. No. 213 Squadron R.A.F. Hurricane I P2802 Sgt. Stuckey
Location: Bognor, Sussex, England.

13.08.1940. No. 82 Squadron R.A.F. Blenheim IV R3904 P/O. Newland
Location: Target area.

16.08.1940 No 5 O.T.U. Defiant I L7010 Sgt. Gwynne
Location: Kilve Beach, St. Audries.

17.08.1940. No.1 Squadron R.A.F. Hurricane I  P3897  P/O Chetham
Location: In small wood (Monkton fir plantation) at Speen, Buckinghamshire, England.

18.08.1940 No. 257 Squadron RAF Hurricane I P3175 P/O. Maffett
Location: Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex, England.

18.08.1940 No. 218 Squadron Blenheim IV L9264 P/O. Wheelwright
Location: Cambridge area, England.

18.08.1940 No. 218 Squadron Blenheim IV T1929 Fl/Lt. Newton
Location: Cambridge area, England.

25.08.1940 No. 213 Squadron Hurricane I V7226 P/O. Philippart
Location: English Channel, off Portland, England.

28/29.08.1940 No. 102 Squadron Whitley V N1489 Sgt. Bott
Location: Hayhill Farm, Silsden, Yorkshire, England.

30.08.1940. No.151 Squadron R.A.F. Hurricane I  R4213  Sgt Gmur
Location: Jacks Hatch, Epping Green near Epping, Essex, England.

30.08.1940 No.43 Squadron RAF Hurricane I P3179 Sgt Noble
Location: Hove, Sussex, England.

September 1940:

06.09.1940  No. 234 Squadron RAF Spitfire X4035  P/O Gordon
Location: Howbourne Farm, Hadlow Down, Sussex, England.

06.09.1940 No. 601 Squadron Hurricane I P3382 P/O. Topolnicki
Location: Staplehurst, Kent, England.

07.09.1940 No. 43 Squadron Hurricane I V7257 Fl/Lt. Reynell
Location: Crown Point, Blackheath, England.

07.09.1940 No. 234 Squadron Spitfire I X4009 Fl/Lt. Hughes
Location: Bessels Green, Kent, England.

08/09.09.1940 No. 107 Squadron Blenheim IV T1851 P/O. Halkett
Location: Hesdin, France.

09.09.1940 No. 303 Squadron (Polish) Hurricane I Fl/Sgt. Wünsche
Location: Saddlescombe Farm, Poynings, Newtimber, Sussex, England.

09.11.1940 No. 238 Squadron Hurricane I R2682 Sgt. Duszynski
Location: Near Lydd, Kent, England.

11.09.1940 N. 46 Squadron Hurricane I P3525 Sgt. Andrew
Location: Nr. Stapleford, Essex

11.09.1940 No. 303 Squadron (P.A.F.) Hurricane I V7242 Sgt. Wojtowicz
Location: Hogtrough Hill, Brasted, Kent

13.09.1940 No 7 O.T.U. R.A.F. Spitfire I X4159 Sgt. Edgar
Location: Broxton, Chester, England.

15.09.1940 No. 303 Squadron (P.A.F) Hurricane I P3577 Sgt. Brzezowski
Location: Gravesend, Kent

15.09.1940 302 Squadron (Polish) Hurricane I P2954 Fl/Lt. Chlopik
Location: Battlesbridge, Essex, England.

18/19.09.1940 No. 149 Squadron Wellington IC R3160 P/O. Pay
Location: English Channel.

18/19.09.1940 No. 99 Squadron Wellington IC P9242 P/O. Linden
Location: Osnabruck, Austria.

20.09.1940 No. 92 Squadron Spitfire I X4417 P/O. Hill
Location: West Hougham, England.

20.09.1940 No. 75 Squadron R.A.F. Wellington T2463 P/O Braun
Location: Ostend, Belgium.

22.09.1940 No. 17 O.T.U. Blenheim I L8610 Sgt. Wilson
Location: Abersychan, Wales.

24.09.1940 No. 605 Squadron Hurricane I P3832 P/O. Glowacki V.M.
Location: Alemeuse, France

24/25.09.1940 No. 301 Squadron (Polish) Battle L5351 P/O. Waronski
Location: Thetford, Norfolk, England.

27.09.1940 No. 303 Squadron (Polish) Hurricane I V6665 Sgt. Anduszków
Location: Kent, England

27.09.1940 No. 303 Squadron (Polish) Hurricane I L1696 F/O. Paszkiewicz D.F.C.
Location: Borough Green, England.

October 1940:

05.10.1940 No. 303 Squadron (Polish) Hurricane I P3892 F/O. Januszewicz
Location: Stowting near Brabourne, Kent, England.

06.10.1940 No. 303 Squadron (Polish) Hurricane I P3120 Sgt. Siudak
Location: Northolt airfield, England.

08.10.1940 No. 303 Squadron (Polish) Hurricane I R4175 RF-R Sgt. František D.F.M. bar (New 04-11-2012)
Location: Cuddington Way in Ewell, Surrey

08.10.1940. No. 264 Squadron R.A.F. Defiant I N1627. P/O Goodall
Location: Marlow, Buckinghamshire, England.

15.10.1940 No. 605 squadron Hurricane N2546 Fl/Lt. Muirhead D.F.C.
Location: Spekes Bottom, Darland, Gillingham

16/17.10.1940 No. 49 Squadron R.A.F. Hampden I L4129 Sgt. Imber
Location: Gironde, France.

November 1940:

01.11.1940 No. 213 Squadron R.A.F. Hurricane 1 N2608 P/O. Wlasnowolski
Location: Stoughton, West Sussex, England.

08.11.1940 No. 302 Squadron (Polish) Hurricane I P3538 Sgt. Kosarz
Location: Mayfield, Sussex, England.

19/20.11.1940. No. 78 Squadron. R.A.F. Whitley V. T4156. P/O George
Location: North of Dresden, Germany.

26.11.1940. No. 12 O.T.U. Fairy Battle I L5071 P/O. Makarewicz
Location: Near Mount Farm, Dorchester, Oxfordshire, England.

27/28.11.1940. No. 114 Squadron Blenheim IV R3594 Sgt. Waigh
Location: Old Catton, Norfolk, England.

December 1940:

10/11.12.1945 No. 107 Squadron Blenheim IV Z5794 P/O. Culling
Location: Not known, Köln, target area ?

14.12.1940. No. 6 S.F.T.S. Yale NA-64 64-2209 L.A.C. Bilkey
Location: Township of Canboro, Ontario, Canada.

23.12.1940. No. 11 O.T.U. Wellington 1A N3014 P/O. Haviland
Location: Bassingbourn village, England.

23/24.12.1940 No. 58 Squadron Whitley V T4159 Sgt. Smith
Location: English Channel.

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