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Alexander D King

Alex is our webmaster and son of our chairman David. Alex has had an interest in aircraft and aviation from a very early age as a result of frequent visits to his farther’s museum and accompanying on aircraft recoveries. Climbing in and out of historical aircraft such as Havard, the cockpit section of a Dakota and a Westland Whirlwind Helicopter and numerous others from a early age.

From the early days at digs standing at the edge of the hole dreaming of working the digger, to taking control of numerous recoveries and investigations, with a variety of machines from 3-ton JCB 360 mini digger, to 13-ton Case 360 digger, Alex has now taken his well earned place as our current digs officer.

The British Library is preserving this site for the future in the UK Web Archive at All Aircrew Remembered on our Remembrance pages, are therefor not just remembered here, but also subsequently remembered and recorded as part of our nation’s history
and heritage at The British Library.