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de Havilland Vampire NF10 WP250 on arrival at Booker Museum from Sandhurst February 1985 (David King)

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WP250 Laying among a number of engine tail cones at Skylines scrap yard, Sandhurst, Prior to recovery (David King)

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WP250 Ready for transportation to Booker one of a number of airframes saved in connection with Barry Parkhouse
(Parkhouse Aviation)The fuselage of one of a number of Harvards saved from the yard, this one the fuselage of KF435 rebuilt to
static display at Booker in all yellow training finish. (David King) Further KF435 details

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Another view of WP250 at Booker illustrated in Aviation News. (Aviation News)

WP250 Photographed at Radlett while being used for research. (net)

Vampire NF10 WP250 was issued to Handley Page at Radlett and fitted with a suction glove over the wing for boundary layer research between October 1952 to November 1957. It was sold as scrap in 1960 where it remained at Skylines until recovered in 1985.

All Colour photos Copyright Aircrew Remembrance Society (David King Collection)

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