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                            Allied loss list 1939

Pre September 3rd 1939:

01.09.1939 No. 121 Eskadra Mysliwka Polish PZL.P.11c Cpt. Medwecki
Location: Krakow, Poland.

03.09.1939 No. 21 (1) Eskadra Bombowa Lekka PZL P.23 Karas Kpr.pil. Obiorek
Location: Kozy, Poland.

Post September 3rd 1939: 28.09.1939 No. 110 Squadron Blenheim IV N6212 W/C. Cameron
Location: Kiel, Germany.

29.09.1939 No. 144 Squadron Hampden I L4132 P/O. Coste (Updated 16-11-2012)
Location: Between Heligoland and Wangerooge

29.09.1039 No. 144 Squadron Hampden I L4121 F/O. Sadler
Location: Sea - Between Heligoland and Wangerooge.

30.09.1939. No. 224 Squadron. Hudson I. N7219 P/O Heaton - Nichols
Location: Sylt.

October 1939:

30.10.1939 No 139 Squadron Blenheim IV N6234 P/O. McCracken
Location: Gross Berssen, Germany.

November 1939:

30.11.1939 No.185 Squadron RAF Hampden I L4203  P/O Musgrave
Location: Grange Farm, Widmer End, Buckinghamshire, England.

December 1939:

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