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Mission: Heligoland

Date: 29th September 1939 (Friday)

Unit: No. 144 Squadron

Type: Hampden I

Serial: L4132

Code: PL-?

Base: R.A.F. Hemswell, Lincolnshire.

Location: Between Heligoland and Wangerooge

Pilot: P/O. R.M. ' Gonga" Coste R.C.A.F. POW No: 20 Camp (1)

Pilot/Obs : Fl/Sgt. Siriol Williams 366471 R.A.F. Age ? Killed

W/Op/Air/Gnr: A/C. 2. Stanley Isherwood 621052 R.A.F. Age 19. Killed

W/Op/Air/Gnr: Sgt. Charles George Williams 580687 R.A.F. Age 19. Killed


Took off at 06.40 hrs. Hemswell, Lincolnshire to bomb German warships in the Heligoland area. 11 Hampdens were sent in two formations - the first 6 attacked 2 destroyers but missed the target, the second wave of 5 were intercepted and every one shot down by Luftwaffe Me. 109's that were now in place and waiting. 16 aircrew were lost and another 4 made P.O.W.'s.

A disastrous day for 144 Squadron, losing 4 other aircraft and crews:
Hampden L4121 Flown by: F/O. John T.B. Sadler (Killed with 3 crew, 1 made p.o.w.)
Hampden L4126 Flown by: F/O. Baughan (3 killed, with the pilot a p.o.w.)
Hampden L4127 Flown by: F/O. Norman C. Beck (All 4 crew killed)
Hampden L4134 Flown by: W/Cmdr. James C. Cunningham (3 killed, 1 p.o.w.)

This Hampden L4132 was thought to have been shot down at 10.03 hrs by Uffz. Pollack (2) of I./ZG26 flying an Me109.

144-squadron-hampden-i-l4132-a003ac.-2.-stanley-isherwood zoom
A/C. 2. Stanley Isherwood 2nd row from the top, fifth man from left. (courtesy Bill Gould)

oflag-spangenberg zoom
The famous castle at Spangenberg where many early R.A.F. prisoners including P.O. Coste were held.

(1) P/O. Coste broke his right leg and suffered severe cuts to both knees during his escape from the aircraft. He was treated for 5 weeks at the German Navy hospital at Wilhelmshaven. Imprisoned in the following camps; Oflag Spangenberg, Germany, Oflag Thorn-Podgorz, Poland, Oflag Dosel bei Warburg, Oflag Schubin bei Bromberg, Stalag Luft Sagan and Belaria and Stalag Luft SaganBad Sulza/Mühlhausen. Later promoted to Fl/Lt. Sadly he died in 1963.
(2) Uffz Werner Pollack missing 6th November 1943.

sage-war-cemetery002c-germany zoom
Sage War Cemetery 2012

Burial details:

Fl/Sgt. Siriol Williams. Sage War cemetery Grave: 4.E.6.
Husband of Florence Maud Williams

A/C. 2. Stanley Isherwood. Sage War cemetery Grave: 4.E.4.
Son of Stanley and Catherine Isherwood, of Tong Moor, Bolton, Lancashire, England.

Sgt. Charles George Williams. Sage War cemetery Grave: 4.E.5.
Son of Charles and Evelyn Williams, of Westbury-on-Trym, Gloucestershire, England.

Researched for Bill Gould and his wife, relatives of Stanley Isherwood and dedicated to all the crew.
With thanks to: Oliver Clutton-Brock - "Footprints On The Sands Of Time", Bill Chorley - "Bomber Command Losses Vol. 1", Tom Kracker for the enormous data base "Kracker Luftwaffe Archives", Commonwealth Graves Commission.
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