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Mission: Reconnaissance

Date: 28th September 1939 (Thursday)

Unit: No. 110 Squadron

Type: Blenheim IV

Serial: N6212

Code: VE-?

Base: Wattisham, Suffolk

Location: Kiel

Pilot: W/C. Ivan McLeod Cameron 24225 R.A.F. Age 31. Killed

Obs: Sgt. Thomas Cecil Hammond 562535 R.A.F. Age 27. Killed

W/OP: A/C 1. Thomas Fullerton 522192 R.A.F. Age ? Killed


Took off at 07.40 hrs. to carry out a reconnaissance flight in the Münster area. Believed to have been intercepted and shot down by Feldwebel Klaus Faber of 1./JG1 with the aircraft crashing near Kiel. We welcome any photographs of any of this crew / aircraft in order that they can be added to the article. Article added as W/C. Ivan Cameron is thought to be the first Australian to be killed on active service in WW2.

cameron-grave003aweb  cameron
W/C. Ivan Cameron (Courtesy Geoff Swallow) Newspaper article ( Courtesy Argus newspaper, Melbourne, Australia) wattisham-memorial002c-suffolk003aweb
Wattisham Memorial in Suffolk (Archives)

Burial details:

W/C. Ivan McLeod Cameron. Reichswald Forest War Cemetery Grave 26. E. 6. Son of Alexander and Isabel Louise Cameron, of Bealiba, Victoria, Australia.

Sgt. Thomas Cecil Hammond. Reichswald Forest War Cemetery Grave 26. E. 8. Son of Charles Robert and Louisa May Hammond, of Dublin, Irish Republic.

A/C 1. Thomas Fullerton. Reichswald Forest War Cemetery Grave 26. E. 7. No further details

Researched by Bob Wilton Acknowledgments: With thanks to the following: Bill Chorley - "Bomber Command Losses", the superb work of the C.W.G.C.
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