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Operation:  Reconnaissance (Sylt)

Date:  30th September 1939.

Unit:  No.224 Squadron (CoastaL Command.)

Type:  Lockheed Hudson I.

Serial No:  N7219

Code:  QX - V.

Location:  Sylt.

Pilot:  P/O D. G. Heaton-Nichols. R.A.F. 27275 P.O.W.

Pilot:  Sgt. James Pearse R.A.F. 564932 Killed.

W/Op/Air/Gnr:  AC1 Albert Sill R.A.F. 520315 Killed.

Air/Gnr:  AC1 Albert Thomason R.A.F. 530618 Age 25 Killed.


This aircraft took off from its base at Leuchars on a photo reconnaissance operation to the island of Sylt.
Shot down by flak from Marineflakabteilung 264, and crashed 300 yards from the beach.

The flak battery reported two parachutes.
Those killed were initially buried at List, Sylt, on the 2nd of October 1939 but now rest in Kiel War Cemetery.

224 Squadron Lockheed Hudson I.

The crew were buried by the Luftwaffe in full military honour.
P/O. Heaton-Nichols can be seen with arm in a sling between Luftwaffe personnel saluting. (archives)

Kiel War Cemetery

Burial Details:

Sgt. James Pearse. Plot 4. Row F. Grave 15. No n.o.k. details available.

AC1 Albert Sill. Plot 4. Row F. Grave 14. No n.o.k. details available.

AC1 Albert Thomason. Plot 4. Row F. Grave 13. Son of Edward and Caroline Thomason, of Newton Heath, Manchester.

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